Friday, December 19, 2008

Alive Day

It's 11:27 pm and J.R.'s second alive day is almost over. Two years ago today our lives changed drastically. In celebration of J.R. surviving the blast, we spent the day snowboarding and ended our evening with a couple of beers. I know J.R.'s phone rang continuously, and I think he was pretty thrilled that so many people-especially the guys in his unit-remembered the day.

Eventually I'll expand on the day, but now it is time to drag my half drunk, incredibly sore (I fell a lot), extremely exhausted body to bed.

Happy SECOND alive day my wonderful soldier.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Blogging slacker, I am, but life has been crazy!

Last night left me with little sleep and walking up the five billion flights of stairs to get to my Econ class today seemed like cruel and unusual punishment. Half way up to steps it hit me, I only have to walk up the steps in Harvey Hall ONE more time for the semester, and then it's Christmas break. It was excellent motivation.

I'm officially done with my human resources class and my econ class. All that is left is one final band performance (that happens tomorrow morning at 8 am and sounds a lot like Pomp and Circumstance on repeat), one bassoon recital (10 minutes of me blaring away to a crowd of four), and one English final (aka hell in paper form). It's a lovely feeling to be so close to freedom.

J.R. and I are both looking forward to Christmas break, especially our trip to Colorado the beginning of January. It recently dawned on me that this trip will be our first trip together that doesn't involve a large group of wounded soldiers, or have some other form of work attached to it-like logrolling. I'm looking forward to true quality time together. For any of you that know us... this, of course, translates into five days of nagging, bitching, fighting, and stubborn I'm-right-you're-an-idiot moments. We have such a loving relationship :)

At least I have a real husband and I'm not a 33 year old software designer, living with my parents, unable to find a perfect real woman (can't imagine why???). He has designed a robot woman and has this to say about her.

"Aiko is what happens when science meets beauty," Le Trung tells the Sun of London. "Aiko doesn't need holidays, food or rest, and will work almost 24 hours a day. She is the perfect woman."

Sorry J.R., just because I am a woman does not mean I will be at your beck and call 24 hours a day. This man is delusional and deserves to be shot if he feels that it is a woman's duty to be a stepford wife. Welcome to 2008 when women hold jobs, have college degrees, and have thoughts and desires of their own! Did I mention the android also has "clear skin, and a thin and shapely body." Don't get me wrong, his work is very impressive, but his motives and thinking behind this perfect woman idea are out of line. If I ever met the man, I'd kick him below the belt.