Friday, March 14, 2008

Thirty-five Minutes

Thirty-five minutes until Philosophy is over. That means thirty-five minutes until my spring break officially starts. Spring break means more time to write. I think.


Anonymous said...

Hope spring breaks lets you catch up on whatever you wish to catch up on.
Take care, hope you're getting the sunshine and milder temps (finally) that we're experiencing on the southern state border.
Cathy B

Shana said...

Happy Spring Break! I hope you have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Happy Spring Break! I love your blog and insight.. :)

Deb from KC, MO said...

I know your life is crazy or as my
Grandma used to say "you're busier than a one armed paper hanger" but I do hope you have a chance to rest and find some quiet. I am praying and will continue to. Love your blog and love to catch up with what is happening in badger land. (My hubbie is from LaCrosse). Take care of yourself.