Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Little Engine That Could

I know I've fallen off the face of the Earth lately but I promise you all I'm alive and fine.

Like rail cars tied together and pulled by a locomotive, my responsibilities have tied together to form a heavy load to pull. And just like The Little Engine That Could I am pulling my load hirer and hirer up the mountain until I eventually reach the crest and coast my way down.

I think I can.

With the help of some angels who have shifted the load and given me a push I know I can.

Life has been incredibly busy homework, VA visits, and some other mucky things. But never fear, I'm still finding time to have some fun. Recently I joined J.R. on a trip to Vail, Colorado for some lessons in snowboarding. I fell a ton, laughed a lot, and we both had a fantastic time. More pictures and writing about this will happen... someday.


Fire Fox said...

Glad to see you're doing okay!

Anonymous said...

The Little Engine That Could was my favorite story as a child.

Glad to see you're doing ok.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

liberal army wife said...

looks like fun was being had by all! glad to hear it.


Anonymous said...

Hey Josie, we are doing some carpet cleaning at the Fisher House and I was thinking about who was in what room and for some reason (not that you had dirty carpets) I thought of you. I also saw a fishing show- so that might have put you guys in my thoguhts. I hope all is well. If you get a chance e-mail me kate.deyermond@us.army.mil. I am glad to see that life on the other side is nice- but i miss you!
best, Kate

Anonymous said...

I'm joining the above group, very glad you're doing OK.
Cathy B