Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Here, There, Everywhere...

I assure you all, I have not died. The end of school brought long days and nights and a crazy final exam schedule. Having survived the semester I began my summer vacation with a positive attitude. Thinking I would have many lazy days with few commitments I began vacation with a trip to MI. It's been go go go ever since.

Tonight I'm packing for my trip to Plymouth, MA. I'm heading to the coast to see two friends from Fisher House tie the knot. I'm thrilled to go but rather unhappy that it's 10 pm now and I'm leaving for the airport in 5.5 hours and I haven't finished packing. If I get sleep tonight it will be a miracle. I take that back.. sleep would be a blessing.. a miracle would be all of the flights working tomorrow and my mother and I both making it to Boston as scheduled. I'm trying to have a positive attitude but lets face it, she has three different flights to get out to Boston so we're screwed. It's a glass half empty kind of night.

Life has been full of ups and downs. When it's up it's sky high and when it's down the devil would have to travel south to find me. I've come to the conclusion that at this point it's best to just enjoy the ups and hold on for all your worth in the low. It all evens out eventually and lets face it, I'd rather ride the roller coaster then sit on the merry-go-round my whole life.

For now I'm off to finish packing and find a small snack before I attempt sleep. I'm ready for the ocean.

**side note: I just got my e-mail account up and running again. I have not been ignoring anyone. Please be patient. I have been sorting through more e-mail then one could imagine.

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liberal army wife said...

I'm so glad you are back and OK. I've missed reading your blog..

Take care.