Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I can tell it's close to finals week. The library is packed and all of my usual seats are taken. I once again find my personal space bubble popped and am left sitting awkwardly close to people I don't know. The kid behind me is clicking his pen, the girl in front of my is swinging her foot, and the boy to my right has his headphones on with music blaring so all I hear is muffled screaming. Lovely. Thankfully I am well prepared for finals and the stress levels aren't overly high. Even if I failed every final I would still be walking out of all of my classes with a solid B, so I'm not going to kill myself in the next week and a half.

Speaking of bubbles, my gym bubble was invaded the other night. I entered the gym at 11:30 pm to find one other person as crazy as me lifting weights. I had my pick of treadmills (I love when that happens) and so I hopped on the second one in from the right. Two minutes into my warm up a college aged boy enters the gym. Mind you all of the treadmills but the one I am walking on are open (that's like... 6 open treadmills). I watch as he walks over and stands behind the treadmill right next to mine. I tried to give him the evil eye in the mirror but apparently this wasn't very intimidating. As I began to run he jumped on the treadmill to my left and began his workout.

Now the thought crossed my mind of stopping the treadmill, cleaning it, and moving to one at the other end. After a minute of considering this possibility I decided I was much to lazy to clean not one but two machines and told myself to suck it up and keep running. So I did. Ten minutes later the boy was sweating like crazy. I watched as he raised his hand to wipe the beads of sweat off his forehead. Then to my horror he flicked his hand on the way down. It was as if the world had suddenly gone into slow motion.... I watched as little tiny drops of sweat went flying through the air towards me and then I felt it. Not one, but MULTIPLE direct hits. Tiny beads of some strange mans sweat hitting my skin.

I stopped the treadmill and went home, forever traumatized.


Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

Obviously, space is at a premium in NYC, but incidents like the one you described are a regular occurence here.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Anonymous said...

Gross! Good luck on finals.
Cathy B

Fire Fox said...

Double gross! You should have spritzed his butt with Lysol! Grab the hand sanitizer and ewwww wiped his yukkiness off right in front of him. Ugh.. I think "I'm" traumatized now!

Michelle Whitney said...

WTF? Not that I'd ever be caught on a treadmill in a gym in my condition (or ever really), but with the mood I've been in lately, this guy would have been lucky to live. If you know him, I'll add him to my list of people to chase down when I get my tank (read my latest post). You are way to nice to just simply leave then blog about it. My blog woulda been about how I kicked him & yelled at him until he was crying for his momma in the corner like the lil biatch that he is! Bastard!

Krystle Firth said...

Now josie you know he only did that so he had a closer view of the cutie booty! I so would have said hello space invasion!!!Next time wave that beautiful rock around a bit. Seriously keep your germs to yourself dude EWWWW! love ya sweetie and good luck on your exams!! Dont forget you owe me a couple hours once your finished!

Krystle Firth said...

Totally forgot to tell you but im expecting the booty here at Good old Fisher House 3 some time soon!!!! Did i mention how much I MISS YOU!!!!

Long-time RN said...

Thinking of you two and many others as this Memorial weekend begins. Hope the semester ended well for you. Have a wonderful summer! (sure would be nice if the thermometer reached 65 one of these days....)
Cathy B