Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Day of Study

Today is the day that I hate myself for not putting more time and energy into Economics over the weekend. Not only do I have an Econ exam tomorrow, but I also have a listening exam tomorrow. I have prepared myself by ordering not one, but TWO medium pizzas from Pizza Hut (I had a coupon) and I'm breaking out the container of oreos that will be lucky if they make it until 2 pm.

It's a good thing I have a gym membership.

J.R. comes back from Iowa today. Don't worry... I ordered two pizzas he wont have any interest in so there shall be no study food crisis. (I think this qualifies me as a rather mean wife, but he "didn't have cell phone service" so consider it pay back for not calling to tell me they made it to Iowa safely) I'm excited to see him. As always when he leaves on these short trips I lounge around the house bored out of my mind. With no one around to annoy with conversation it's incredibly quiet (and I HATE quiet). It also makes me wonder how the hell I survived alone for over a year. I'm such a wuss when he leaves. I slept with the living room lights on and got up multiple times each night to check and make sure the door was locked. Pathetic.

The runny nose issue is finally starting to disappear. I have yet to decide if this is an allergy reaction or a cold. Either way I'm glad it's leaving and hope it doesn't come back.

For now I must stop my procrastination and return back to the world of graphs and GDP. Lucky me.


Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

I'm sure you'll do fine on both exams. Just try and relax, and try not to get to uptight about it.

If it's like any other exam/paper you've taken, you'll probably get "A's" on both.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Anonymous said...

Pizza and oreos, food for serious studying! Good luck!
Cathy B

Krystle Firth said...

sorry sweetie im just now catching up on your life :) I think my OCD must have rubbed off on you (checkin the doors a million time eh?)Love you love you love you!