Monday, September 22, 2008

Writers Block

I don't often sit down and struggle to find words to put on paper. Tonight however, was a different story.

Faced with the challenge of writing a descriptive paper about any place I'd like to write about, I froze. Does one write about Walter Reed, Fisher House, my childhood home, or my new house? What details are valuable about these places and why on earth does anyone want to read a three page essay of me describing what something looks like?

I really wanted to write about Walter Reed but I quickly became overwhelmed with the details of the hospital. The smell of bandages being changed, the squeak of the floors, and the never ending drip of the IV. It wasn't worth dredging up memories that took so long to "forget."

Six and a half hours later I'm going to bed. Three pages of useless crap written on paper about a swamp to satisfy a teacher.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhh.... I know that swamp well. I believe the current terminology is "wetland". The fall colors are coming on and it is beautiful. I hope you included the slurping sound of the swamp as it claims the boot that had been on your foot prior to planting it firmly into the wethole between the grassy hillocks that make up the landscape of the swamp. Love you, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey I read that crap. And made some editoral changes. You should give me some credit here lady!

Good grief Burtis is getting big. When is he coming home so that I can let him get on the couch with me?

Mary said...


Josie said...

Yes Mary... swamp.