Monday, November 10, 2008


Time: 9:11

Hours left till paper due: .... stopped counting

Pages written: 3 FULL pages (MLA style, 12 point, times new roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins, and a header.. no title page necessary)

Pages needed: 2 more to go baby!

Words typed: 914

Current craving: Still on pickles. All of Grandma's pickles disappeared before the last Econ test, but I'm pretty sure there is a jar of vlassic kosher dills somewhere in the depths of the fridge. Thinking about bribing J.R. to make brownies by giving him a can of Coke.

Current distraction: Taylor Swift and her stupid Love Story song and a puppy who thinks he needs attention (as if he doesn't get any at all).


Anonymous said...

Posting on your facebook wall was not enough of a distraction, so I checked your blog as the VERY LAST THING I would do before going back to studying. Lucky me! - another post to read. Tell J.R. I said he needs to hurry up and make those brownies. How's a girl to study on an empty stomach?

Anonymous said...

Did you complete this paper? Becuase I sure didn't get a frantic call this paper at an odd hour. Is this becuase my fee is a six pack of Strongbow a paper next semester? =o)
How did you get Grandma pickles? I don't have any!

Anonymous said...

What time did you finally complete the paper?? Key word: complete!
Cathy B

Mary said...

Alright, I love you, but you SUCK a blogging. You give us three entries in one day, no conclusion to their story, and then we don't hear from you again for a WEEK.
I'm going to stop reading you out of dispair and boredom. PooFace.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and JR up there, hey!

Cathy B