Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Big Boom

Yesterday a friend of mine informed me that there was a very large chemical fire in Eau Claire, Wi. I'm glad I wont be returning for a while. This gives them plenty of time to test the water to make sure everything is still OK. The flames look pretty impressive. Here is the story.

There is also a related story about a couple who was suppose to tie the knot when the fire was blazing on. They were not able to reach the gowns or enter the building. The couple was still able to have the wedding thanks to some local vendors who pitched in. This is part of the reason why I never want to move out of the midwest. Only in the midwest would local vendors pitch in and help. That would never happen in an area like D.C.

Switching gears....

In the last couple weeks I've been putting the effort into getting myself back in shape. I've been going to the gym (which we all know I hate with a passion) and I've been eating healthy. I've pretty much cut the pop out of the picture. For those who don't know, I had a little Coca-cola addiction. It hasn't been the easiest thing to do. At least now the headaches are starting to disappear. I've also been loading up on fruits and veggies. Now since my husband tortured me by kindly reminding me that I've put on a few extra pounds (never marry an athlete), I have decided to torture him by making him eat my "rabbit food." I must say he sometimes reminds me of a small child. Twice this week he sat at the table picking at his food. Once because he didn't like zucchini, and the second because he hated everything I put into a salad for him. And instead of just making his own dinner (heaven forbid) he sat and picked all the ingredients he disliked out of the salad one by one and complained almost the entire time. I do believe he is starting to think twice about ever telling me I've put on a pound of two.

Anyway, this weekend starts the non-stop visitors again. I wont complain. Most of the faces will be familiar ones. I am hoping I will be able to hook up with an old friend from high school that is traveling to the area. Unfortunately the schedule is so hectic it might not work. We are also hoping to fish at least one day this weekend so that will just add to the craziness. There are a few other things I am greatly looking forward to this week, but I'm not allowed to discuss them until they happen. For now I am off to drag JR out of bed so we can head to lunch with a fellow milblogger.


Butterfly Wife said...

I hope you had a great time a lunch. You sound super busy. I hope you are finding a couple of minutes in there for YOU time. take care.

FbL said...

Hope lunch went well. Your description of JR is hilarious. I was almost feeling sorry for you because of his comments, but I can see you know how to take care of yourself... ;)

Lunch with a fellow milblogger, huh? Do tell!

Sgt. L's Wife said...

I thought about you this week when I went to the gym...the stinky grunter was there in all his glory... Couldn't make it through my time on the elipitcal and ran like the wind when he took up shop next to me on the treadmill I tried to escape to.

Hope lunch went well for you.

Tracy said...

My hubby will also pick out little ingredients he doesn't like. He loves stroganoff but will actually pick out those teeny tiny mushrooms that come in the cream of mushroom soup!! *sigh* and he wonders why our 7 yr old is such a picky eater!! ;o)

You and J.R. haven't been married long enough for him to know that he should NEVER mention weight gain to his wife LOL