Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Towel

There are some days I think my husband is a woman trapped in a mans body. Today... is one of those days.

The morning started off with an hour long conversation about one towel. Evidently this towel means more to him than anything else in the whole wide world and I am not allowed to use it. Ever. I now know this thanks to the following conversation.

"Jo, did you use my towel?"

"Yeah, sorry. It was the only one hanging up in the bathroom and I needed one."

"So you touched my towel. The gold towel?"

"Yes, J.R. I touched the gold towel."

"But it's my towel. Why did you use it?"

"I told you... it was the only one hanging up in the bathroom and I needed one."

"Jo, don't use my towel. I used this towel in Iraq."

"So? You used a lot of things in Iraq. Am I not allowed to touch your GPS? How about your computer?"

"This is different. It's my towel. MY. TOWEL."

Now repeat this conversation about twenty times. I just don't understand what the big deal is over a towel. It's not like I'm going to get cooties all over it. It's a TOWEL. It's gold. It's ugly. But it's the biggest and softest towel we have here. I guess I will just have to drag him into one of those "stupid women stores," and buy my own towel. Just for fun maybe I'll spend a good hour picking out just the right color. I do believe that this would be fair payback for the hours I've spent waiting for him at bookstores.

So... after the towel conversation he slowly started the process of getting ready. It's been two hours. I have things I want to do today and he is NOT going to get out of them. So he needs to get into gear and finish getting ready. If we were fishing he would have been up and out of bed in five seconds. *sigh* Men.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever read "Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy?" You do not mess with towels. They are special. It's the most important thing you can have as you traverse the stars.

Butterfly Wife said...

Does he at least wash the towel??? Definitely need to be getting your towel if for no other reason than to avoid that conversation one more time. Have fun and Bed Bath & Beyond! Get a pink towel, one he will never use.

Josie said...

HE does not wash anything. It's a small miracle if he walks downstairs and swaps a load from the washer to the dryer. I on the other hand do laundry at least once a week, if not twice a week. The towel gets washed. A lot.

liberal army wife said...

buy a bunch of pink towels, with hearts on them or something... he won't go near them. laundry - DH does it...when forced by lack of skivvies. I worry when he does it (my delicate cycle sweaters in with his jeans!! yipe)


Solo said...

It may just be a towel, but I figure it was probably the only soft, comfortable thing JR had over there, one of the few memories of normalcy. Memories can be associated with objects. Ya mess with the object ya mess with the memory. Everybody's(men and women) got stuff like that, something that even after it gets old , broken, or worn out, is almost impossible to get rid of because it's like throwing away the memories that go with it.

Anonymous said...


Solo is right; try not to be too hard on JR. My wife and I each have our own "safe" items, and we try to respect each others space. Try. My wife once used my kitchen knives (not a problem), and then left them standing in the water in the sink. I pretty much hit the ceiling; I won't bore you with the details of the whole incident, but Debra now knows not to use my knives without proper supervision. She even makes fun of it now.

Tracy said...

There has to be a story behind that towel!

Consul-At-Arms said...

Hey, it's the mans towel, fer pete's sake!

Anonymous said...

Josie, it seems obvious to me that the towel to him wasn't what it meant to you. Either the towel represents something connected to IRAQ or it isn't really about the towel. Could be personel space, etc.. Either way let it go and respect the towel or talk to him and try to find out what it was really about. If it is a control issue (almost all are) then buy yourself towels he would never want to touch and let him know you will use it if the laundry isn't done and it is the only one left to use. I'm betting it is the first thing. The key word he used was IRAQ.

Murray said...

You touched his TOWEL?????

Anonymous said...

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