Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gym Time

I've decided that if you ever live in a Fisher House for any significant amount of time, you are DOOMED to gain weight. There are more sweets and burgers passing through this house then McDonald's cooks in a year. Since I've been here I have put on ten pounds (and I think that is pretty average for a Fisher House woman). Now I'm not saying I'm overweight or that I look bad with ten more pounds. I am however determined to get myself back into shape and a little more fit. Starting this week I've been back in the gym every morning. It sucks. I don't understand how people can enjoy going to the gym. It's hot, boring, and the aroma of sweat fills the air. How lovely.

On a different note... Last week J.R. participated in an interview with the National Guard about the scuba program here at Walter Reed. You can either view the video or the story.


Johannah said...

I never thought about that.... the aroma sweat smell....

Tracy said...

I hate gyms. Well, I'm not a big fan of exercise either~thus my extra pounds! LOL However, I am trying to loose weight and I prefer a nice long walk outside. Luckily, I live in the "country" and I'm able to do that.

As usual, you two did a great interview!

So, do you want my address so you can write me a letter left handed? ;o)

Butterfly Wife said...

I heard about the scuba program. That sounds great! I hope it works for him.

Good luck with the gym!

James said...

just read about the scuba program and watched the video. great work. Love your blogs. You have a knack for writing. I found myself laughing quite a few times.

Keep up the great work,