Monday, December 3, 2007

Baby It's Cold Outside

As I ran around work yesterday, my Franco Sarto black knee high boots rubbed a small raw spot on the back of my leg. I place a band-aid over the area and continued my work day. I returned home late last night, peeled my boots off, and made my way to the couch. Completely forgetting about the band-aid I snuggled in for a night of relaxation.

As I awoke from a night of choppy sleep I rolled out of bed and stumbled into the shower. After five minutes of simply standing in the shower while attempting to wake up I looked down and noticed the band-aid still clinging to my leg. Half awake I grabbed the band-aid and yanked it off my leg. Pain. Lots and lots of pain. If I wasn't awake before I grabbed the band-aid.. I definitely was after ripping it off. Just one more reminder that I should shave my legs sometime this winter.


I've decided that if J.R. gets to grow a beard to "blend in with the trees," then I can have hairy legs to help keep me warm. I mean seriously... have you looked at the weather for Menomonie, Wi??? It's NINE degrees outside. That's nine degrees without the windchill. Don't forget about the million (and by million I mean eight) inches of snow we got on Saturday. I needed those hairy legs to keep me warm when I was shoveling my car out at midnight after the snow plow buried it. And tomorrow we'll get to do this all again when another three to five inches falls.

Fiji or bust.. that's all I have to say.


Anonymous said...

It' a northern woman's prerogative, shave or not shave in the winter! Using the old razor maybe, let's see, once a week if I think of it, is one positive as we battle cold, ice and snow for weeks and weeks on end.
Not shaving is a natural, we are hibernating just like the bears, so why not assume the look to go with it!
Hang in there with the classes. It will be semester break before you know it.
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

Good luck with finals and the end of the semester.

Regarding warm weather, did you and JR ever finish getting SCUBA certified? That'll give you an excuse to go someplace warm.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

wendy said...

Good idea! Come SCUBA in hawaii! I have had to shave way more often over here than I ever did in South Dakota, where I was lucky to shave once a week. I considered my leg hair another layer to keep me warm - layering is best, right?

trying said...

Wow I feel bad for complaining... it was 19 degrees with the wind chill here today. Thats almost shorts weather compared to nine degrees! And its not even winter yet. YIPES!

Anonymous said...

A Northern prerogative? My mom always "grew out" her leg hair for the Houston :)

Shana said...

Shaving is for prissies. :)
We can be hairy leg sisters.