Friday, December 7, 2007

Parking Ticket

Knowing a bartender in this town is wonderful. Knowing a bartender who will give you free drinks... even better.

So last night J.R. and I decided to stop in at our favorite local bar and grab a drink. We were hoping to run into a fellow logroller but she was nowhere to be seen. So we grabbed some food and I polished off my first drink. Before I had even eaten the cherry garnish my friend the bartender had a refill in front of me. Thirty minutes after the second drink it was clear that I was not going to be driving home.

"Hey... how much booze did you put in this?? I should not be this drunk off of two of these..."

"Oh, I guess I should have told you I doubled the booze in your drinks."

"OOOOOOOOOoooooooooooo... that makes a little more sense..."

So off we went. One incredibly hyper, incredibly trashed Josie with her handsome (but crabby) hubby. On the way home we stopped by another bar so I could run in and say hi to some girlfriends. J.R. was not entertained but went along.




Apparently this is not J.R.'s style. After ten minutes and one very quick drink for me (hey.. girls drink free for an hour every Thursday night at this bar) we made our way BACK to the first bar to find the hubby's phone. With phone in hand it was time for home.

Now let me tell you... freezing rain+high heals+booze=DANGER

I managed to slide my way into the apartment without falling, but for a second I thought I was doomed.

It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. The plan was to sleep it off for a while and then go back downtown to pick up my car that was still parked on the street. Yeah, that didn't happen. Apparently I was perfectly content in the nice warm bed and the thought of going outside in the negative double digit weather just wasn't working for me. So at 7:45 this morning we dragged ourselves out of bed and returned to my vehicle. There attached to my door in all of it's lime green glory.... was a parking ticket.

Fifteen bucks! FIFTEEN!!!! With the amount of money I have donated to the City of Menomonie in the parking meters, I could feed the entire Army for a YEAR and now a parking ticket! To put the frosting on the cake there is a $2.50 processing fee when you pay it online. And if you don't pay the ticket within 48 hours they suspend the registration to your vehicle. Parking Nazis.

So anyway, lesson learned. My 17.50 payment to Menomonie was probably the price of my drinks that I got for free. And as Mom pointed out this morning they didn't tow my car. I can just imagine how that would have gone over with J.R. His face would have been so red. I can just HEAR the lecture in my head. "Jo seriously, what were you thinking? The sign is posted right there. NO PARKING 2-7. Now we have to go get your car, pay a million dollars, and it's Christmas time. You had two drinks. What's wrong with you. You're such a lightweight. When I was your age (I always love it when he starts this) I drank Dr. Pepper and whiskey and I was fine..." All the while I would be sitting in the car mocking him. It's actually kind of a funny thought. We're such a loving couple :)


Anonymous said...

When I was your age (a very long time ago) I stuck to wine and beer. That was usually enough to get me into trouble, although I had legal issues with automobiles when I was sober, not drunk.

Sorry about the ticket, though.

Joel D. Timm said...

When JR was your age he liked to do shots....lots of them. Then I had to babysit him on the walk home so he didn't get hit by a car. We would stop for subs on the way home, he would eat, then throw up 2 blocks later. He would proceed to drag an oven into the street that someone left on a curb, and say he was taking it home. What we were going to do with 2 ovens was well past my reasoning, noticing my lack of excitement over the oven JR takes the burners, just so the next person who wants this stove can't use them. Ahhhhh yes, JR was such an enjoyable and completely in control young drinker, you could learn a lesson from him Josie.

Long-time RN said...

"When I was your age", cripes, that phrase is off limits at JR's age!
That one is reserved for the over 45 crowd for heaven's sake! Hope the holidays bring a less 'grinchy' hubby and relaxation.
Cathy B

Stephanie said...

Tthe amazing thing is that parking nazi's even CONSIDER ticketing cars that are parked in front of bars overnight. Does this not indicate that there are people out there are being responsible and NOT drinking and driving? Isn't that what our law enforcement is trying to promote (especially in college towns)?


Anonymous said...

Actually, I was the first commenter, and I forgot to sign with my handle.

Cathy, I'll be 49 in March, so I can qualify for that phrase.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

lala said...

So I'm going to be in WI for New Years... But I'm not 21 until September. If I'm engaged to a person who is legal drinking age, can I drink on New Years?? =) I suppose he's not technically my legal guardian or what have you, but close, right?

I'm such a lightweight, it's probably not a good idea anyway. But what the heck. =) Good to hear you didn't get your car towed, though.