Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Life Coach

Since waking up this morning I have done absolutely nothing. NOTHING. Sure there is plenty of stuff that needs to be completed, but I have no drive to actually accomplish anything. This is just one more sign that I need a vacation. Someplace warm, with no snow (Fiji?!).

Anyway, as I've sat at my computer chair doing absolutely nothing, I stumbled across the blog of a "certified life coach." Here is the pitch....

1. Who are you?

2. What do you want?

3. How will you get there?

Answer these questions honestly and you will be on the path to living a life you love!
If you don't know...then you may be ready to begin the discovery with one on one life coaching sessions.

What a bunch of bullshit.

1. Who we are as a person is CONSTANTLY changing. Everyday we are learning new lessons, reading new stories, meeting new people. Everything we do impacts us in one way or another which in turn changes our views and ideas on life all the time.

2. What we want isn't always what we get and for me.. it's always changing. But I certainly don't need a life coach to tell me that I want a long and happy marriage, or that I want a dog, or that I want a degree.

3. What's the point of having a plan on how to get there? Shit happens, LIFE happens. If you are stuck to this ridged guideline of how to accomplish a goal you may miss out on some other part of life. For instance, I want a degree. IF I had stayed at MSU for four straight years I may not have married J.R. and I would be in a completely different spot in life. I followed a different path than the one I set out to take, but I'm still accomplishing my goal and I feel that I'm better prepared this time around. Planning is overrated.

Life coach... seriously people...

Moving on...

I had a dream last night that I woke up and the snow had all melted. Reality... it's still there. I've been staring at it all morning and I have this urge to go throw my snow pants on, run outside, and make a snow angle. Maybe a snow man too.

Today I'm going to finish my Christmas decorating. Really I am. I've been saying this for a week or so now and it never happens but today is the day. The little tree is coming out, the decorations are going on, and J.R. is going to get in the holiday spirit god damn it.

As for now it's time to go make a cup of hot chocolate, sit on the couch, and knit ONE square for the baby blanket I'm working on. When I finish the project it will be one gift down leaving FOUR more baby presents to go.


Long-time RN said...

No life coach could have walked you through the high speed curve balls you two have been thrown. You've got wisdom beyond your years, a whole lot of fortitude, and in your 'spare' time you make baby gifts!?
Hope JR gets in the Christmas spirit too, "god damn it". May be a tough time; celebrate life and reflect on what is good along with grieving the losses and what will never be.
Hope you both continue to find the strength needed to face each new day, and find moments of joy in each day and each other.
Cathy B

KHT said...

Don't go to Fiji Josie!!

Powerful tropical cyclone Daman closed in on Fiji on Friday, threatening the Pacific island chain with home-destroying winds and dangerous floods.

"It's most likely going to be one of the severest cyclones to hit the country in recent times," Fiji Disaster Management Office

Bill said...


The greatest mystery in life is ourselves. Your dilemma of what to do indicates that you do not know yourself well enough for you to be excited about anything. What was fascinating was how you expressed your urge to go out into the snow to make a snow angel, but did not do so.

Coaching is not for everybody, and appears not right for you, at present. When you really want to discover who you really are, you will ask. Using a life coach will assist you to discover the truth about you in much less time than you would think. Then you will know what you want to do and what excites you and you will achieve them because you do. (You might even make that snow angel)

KHT said...

LMAO, you got coached anyway. I'm with you, Jo, it is total BS.