Sunday, December 9, 2007

Lazy Days

My alarm went off at 7:45 this morning. I was going to church. I was going to get out of bed, get all snazzed up, and go sing Christmas songs. Then I looked at the thermometer next to the bed... 5. 5!!!! No way in hell. I rolled over and snuggled back up to my warm hubby and fell back asleep. Sorry God... I was not made for cold weather.

I slept until 9:30. I beat J.R. up. I laid in bed with him for an hour just watching him sleep. Slightly creepy I'm well aware of that. I curled up in his arms and let my mind wander in thoughts of the last year. The phone call, the first few days in the hospital, our room at the Fisher House. The sights, smells, and noises of D.C. all came rushing through my mind. It's a lot to reflect on and at times can be very overwhelming. I had no more than started to get into my deep trance when J.R. opened his eyes and said good morning. After a few minutes he looked over at me and asked me to go grab my laptop and our new favorite movie... Escanaba in Da Moonlight.

Now if you haven't seen this movie... rent it. Especially if you're from Michigan or Wisconsin and you are willing to laugh at yourself. We curled up in bed and laughed all morning. It was the perfect start to a Sunday.

Half-way through the movie we were starving. We hit pause and off to the kitchen we ran to make waffles. As we got breakfast ready I called my Mom to ask her for the pasties recipe (they talk about pasties in the movie and it brought on a craving from me). While talking to her on the phone I looked out the window. Truck... check. X-terra... check. Alero.... ummm... alero?!?!?!

"J.R. where is my alero? Did you move it last night???"

"No, why the hell would I move your car. It's right where you left it."

"No.. no it's not. J.R. where is my car? I left it right next to the garage, I'm positive. Are you sure you didn't move it?"

"Yes I'm sure."

"What the hell! Where is my car!!!"

At this point I wise up and hit the garage button. There inside the garage is my alero. J.R. went into a fit of laughter. He laughed to the point he was CRYING! He was so proud of himself.

"You really thought your car was gone. Who would steal that piece of shit? Seriously... you should have seen your face Jo. You really thought it was gone."

He just thinks he is so funny. My poor Mom had to listen to all of this. I snapped the towel at him a couple times but he just kept on laughing. I think he went on for a good twenty minutes. He stopped long enough to shovel waffles into his mouth and finish the movie.

After the movie I jumped in the shower and got my running shoes on. With no groceries in the house I could no longer put off the trip to Wal-Mart. It was a mad house inside. I even had to brave the Christmas section to get wrapping paper (I LOVE to wrap). Now even my love of wrapping paper couldn't keep me distracted from some of the idiots in the store. There were of course your usual aisle hogging customers. You know.. the ones that walk down the middle of the aisle at a snails pace while you try to somehow pass them. There were the penny pincher's debating over which box of noodles was a better deal (seriously.. two cents more wont kill you.. pick a box). And of course there is the cereal aisle. Now I don't eat cereal just so I can avoid this aisle, but J.R. is in love with anything chocolate and sugary. So... down the aisle I went only to get stuck behind the soccer mom with three kids. None of the kids could agree on which cereal should be the choice for the week. It was not pretty.

Later in my shopping excursion I had the pleasure of being introduced to a new Wal-Mart character. I'm going to call this one the "try before you buy" shopper. Here I am walking through the pop section. In front of me are two women who are in their early 30's. As they pass the flavored water one of them grabs a bottle, cracks it open, and takes a drink.

"OMG THIS IS HORRIBLE! I can't believe anyone would drink this. Here try this."

After the second woman tries the beverage she replaced the cap and placed the flavored water back on the shelf and the pair walked off.

I stood there just staring at the bottle in complete disbelief. I now know WHY products have a quality seal.

I checked out and returned home to begin cleaning. I've managed to completely catch up on laundry, and find my kitchen again. I now have to finish the bedroom and the living room. The office... lets not talk about the office. That is a never ending project. As for now it's time for a bag of popcorn and a glass of milk. All and all not a bad Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

1) Don't be too hard on JR. It's good to see that he has his sense of humor intact.

2) Buckless. Buckless. Buckless. Believe it or not, my wife and I have friends who live in Escanaba. Part of the film was shot in their store. They also dais that Jeff Daniels and Harve Presnell were very nice.

3) The try-before you buy story made me want to throw up.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to both of you and your families.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Mel ( said...

Love Escanaba in Da Moonlight!!

I got out my Da Yoopers CD yesterday as a reminder of home. (I grew up a troll, but my father is a Yooper).

Despite the cold - enjoy the winter and some pastie!!

Long-time RN said...

Hey RPL, glad to hear someone else is in the over 45 crowd here! I do believe we 'bump' into one another on other sites also. Sorry Josie for for chatting to others through your site! I'm a 53 y.o. nurse, so can also use the phrase, 'in my day', and I do so frequently!
Josie, I work with a doctor who says,"I'd rather be on my mountain bike thinking about God than in church thinking about being on my mountain bike." The happiness between you two and fun of that morning is so good to read!
And dittos on the disgusting beverage story.
Take care,
Cathy B

Tracy said...

I can laugh at myself and I've lived in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I guess I'll have to try that movie. ;o)

Watching your husband is sleep is not creepy. I find it romantic. But maybe there is something wrong with me too! LOL

FbL said...

This post made me smile, Josie--so wonderful to hear of normal times like this after all you've been through. Yay for surviving such a year!

Shana said...

You mean it's not normal to eat or drink out of something then put it back on the shelf.... well shit.

Jenna said...

What a hilarious description of wal mart shoppers. You forgot though the people who have kids that run amok wanting everything and are constantly being told no. It takes effort not to mow them over simply because they are EVERYWHERE