Tuesday, January 22, 2008

First Day of School

The first day of classes has come and gone. I'm already exhausted.

The alarm went off this morning at 7 am. Well at least I think it did. I very vaguely remembering hitting the snooze button once or twice. It didn't sink in that the alarm was actually going off and it was time to rise and shine until 7:45. Good thing I set three alarms and didn't have class until 9:05.

I ran out the door a short time later and made my way to my first listening class. Last semester I had the same professor for my speech class so I was fairly comfortable with what the first lecture would be like. As he stood in front of the class telling us how listening will make us a better lover I resisted the urge to laugh. I'm well aware that being a married 21 year old student I should be mature enough to not laugh at his concept, but at 9 am it was a struggle. I bit down on my tongue and tried to focus. Although I may have been able to prevent the fit of giggles from exiting my mouth I'm not certain I was able to hide the amusement on my face.

After listening I had a short break and was able to return home and eat lunch. I walked in the door around 11 to find J.R. still sleeping in bed. That must be nice. After a quick bite to eat I once again drove back to school, found a parking space, and began a quest to find my next class. I'm not going to lie, I am terrified of economics and was nervous about walking into class. In high school I was able to avoid taking this class as I was SURE I wanted to go into music education when I grew up and I just couldn't possibly see WHY I had to take this course. Bad idea. I'm probably the only student who has absolutely no background in the topic which leaves me feeling lost. By the end of class I had a thirty page chapter to read and understand by Thursday. I spent a good hour and a half tonight reading, rereading, and still saying "huh?" I'm suddenly faced with graphs and positive correlations and x and y and yuck. Someone remind me why I'm a business major. I haven't seen these terms since the fall of 2004 and I'm rusty. I have a math phobia and to make matters worse there are no calculators allowed in class (Would this be a good time to admit that I can't remember how to do long division? Sad, I know.). I think I'm going to die.

After econ I ran to the other end of campus for my relaxation class. After reading the syllabus I realized we would be writing three papers for the class. That doesn't sound very relaxing to me. I've decided now that all of the PE classes are named incorrectly (ex: aerobic dance=Pilate's on crack). Relaxation should really be called "Stress Management Techniques: A Guide to Time Consuming Crap." I have such a positive attitude.

With my relaxation class done and over I quickly ran home and ate dinner. With dinner being inhaled I once again returned to school and attended my first general psych class. This class is being held in a small auditorium in the library. When you walk into the room you are greeted by the lovely colors of burnt orange carpet and eggshell walls. Watch your step! That's right... the floor is slanted downward. The desks are ghetto fabulous with chairs that are connected to the table. This means you get ten inches to slide your body into the seat and are left smashed against the desk for the entire THREE HOUR LECTURE. Was this some cruel method of keeping students awake back in the day? I could understand the location of this class if it was a lecture with a large number of students. I think there are about fifty of us and there are many more comfortable classrooms available on campus at 5:45 pm. Why they choose this one is a mystery to me. Aside from the uncomfortable room the class is wonderful. I even get to be a guinea pig in an experiment as part of the requirements for the class.

Ignoring the subjects I am studying this semester, I am very excited to have classes that are full of older students. Last semester I felt very separated from my peers which left a bit of an empty feeling in my college experience. This semester I am surrounded by older students who have a little more life experience and a lot more focus. It's refreshing. I only had to have the "omg you're married?!" conversation once today. It's nice not to feel as secluded from the flock.

As for now I'm off to complete a precourse examination for psychology and then it's time for bed. Tomorrow brings another day of classes.


Anonymous said...

BTDT. I hated economics; too much theoretical and not enough practical. I also hated accounting. Too much practical, not enough theoretical. Finance was interesting, though.

I also had the pleasure of serving as a "lab rat." I had the choice of volunteering for that, or writing three term papers. It was easier to go through what the psych majors wanted us to experiment with.

You have my sympathies.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, you've got quite a schedule this semester plus a job and 'the sleeper'. Make sure you take care of yourself when time allows. Good luck with classes!
Cathy B

Jenna said...

Wow What a schedule! I had a theoretical computer in a study room in our library once, there were 4 of us and it was the most difficult thing to stay awake ever! I am sure your school has math tutoring, and I would get some help with the basic math skills before it gets hard. You will remember. When I had to take Calculus I hadn't taken algebra in over 2 years and it was hard to remember all the rules. I went to 2 tutoring sessions, was back on track and made an A. It was worth going. It's particularly worth it if you are math phobic. Just my 2 cents, lol.

ABW said...

Your descriptions made me laugh! I have a BBA and I am not so hot at math either. I absolutely loved statistics though and have used that a lot over the course of my many different careers. Good luck!

ellyodd said...

Have you ever heard of dyscalculia? It's "math dyslexia". Try checking out http://www.dyscalculiaforum.com or just do a google search!