Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm Not Going Outside and You Can't Make Me

Yesterday I made my way to school and picked up my books. I have SIX books for my philosophy class. SIX! It's a very good thing that we rent out books from the university and don't have to purchase them. Add in the huge book for economics and psychology and I was loaded. It's a good thing relaxation and listening don't require any reading materials.

After dragging my bag back to the car I made my way to the gym. As a student I'm paying 25 bucks a month for the membership and an additional 15 for unlimited tanning. I'm only tanning for next month just so I can get some color back on my skin. I'm starting to blend in with the snow a little to perfectly. It's not a bad deal for a gym you can get into 24/7 with a little key. For my first day I did a couple miles on the bike, lifted, and finished with a fast walk on the treadmill. As long as I don't have to raise my arms above my shoulders today... everything will be just fine.

Last night J.R. and I decided to sit down and watch some tv together. This usually just ends up in a big argument as to who picked the last show and who deserves control over the remote for now. After twenty minutes of bickering we settled on Mythbusters. Within five minutes of the show starting J.R. had picked up a book and I had passed out on the couch. Well.. not so much on the couch but sprawled out with one leg hanging out on the top of the couch and one hanging the opposite direction. I was using J.R.'s lap as a pillow and was perfectly content for the time being. So I fell asleep and drooled all over J.R.'s leg. That's hot I know.

It wasn't until three am that J.R. woke me up and dragged me to bed. As I crawled into the much more comfortable queen size paradise I heard the dreaded noise of metal scraping pavement. They were plowing the driveway next door which meant we were next and to my horror I hadn't yet moved the Xterra into the garage.

"J.R. if I don't return in five minutes come find me.... and bring the heat gun."

"What the hell are you talking about?"

"I forgot to put the car in the garage and they're coming to plow!"

After a short lecture he just sat there and laughed. He's such a sweetheart.

So off I went to repark the car.

Maybe I should put on some sweatpants. No, that takes to long. You'll be fine in your nylon workout capris. Just go move the car. -10 is not THAT cold.

I pulled J.R.'s big winter coat over me, put on flip flops (with no socks mind you), and grabbed the keys.

&#!(*@ it's cold. Why the hell didn't you put on pants. Moron.

After parking the car in the garage I begin the walk, well it was more like a fast shuffle, back inside. As I got to the patio I looked over and realized that earlier tonight I had made an attempt to use the grill and had forgotten to place the cover back over the monster.

Are you kidding me? J.R. should be doing this. He grew up here. He's use to this.

It was a five minute struggle but I managed to win the battle. I entered the house, locked the door, and ran back to bed. I crawled under the covers and with an evil laugh I pressed my freezing cold body up to J.R.


I think I know how to get him out of bed from now on. :)

As for today I'm going to spend my time getting a few of those nagging tasks out of the way. For the last two weeks I've had a tooth that has been bugging me on and off. I can't decide if it's a cavity or if I'm starting to do some real damage from grinding my teeth at night. Either way it's really starting to grab my attention and I'm just now realizing that I never completed the paperwork for the Tricare Retiree Dental Program. I can't put off this dentist thing any longer so the paperwork is getting filled out and mailed in TODAY. Hopefully within two weeks I'll be able to get to the dentist and get things checked out. Until then I'm hoping this toothache doesn't get any worse.


Anonymous said...

Josie, if the cold really bothers you, finish your SCUBA certification, and then the two of you can use that as an excuse to get away someplace warm for a long weekend.

Good luck with the dentist.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

wendy said...

Brrrr! And in your flip flops! Way to go with the shared body heat!