Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I have a bubble and I hate when my bubble is invaded. When I'm sitting in the library... the empty, silent library... my bubble expands to a larger circumference than if I was waiting in line at the grocery store (don't get me started on THAT bubble).

A boy has sat down on the opposite side of my cubby desk. If I stretched my feet out, they would touch his. I don't play footsie with strangers. There are many, many, many open desks that have no one sitting on either side of the cubby.

He has unnecessarily popped my bubble. Now I'm crabby and bubble-less.


Joel D. Timm said...

Why are you upset? He just wants to sit next to the cute girl in the library.

Next time someone sits there, kick him, and then give him the finger...make sure he sees your wedding band.

~Brooke~ said...

I hated that too! We had an area that we always studied in that had big tables with four chairs and then a bunch of the double desks like you're talking about. I hated it when I would be sitting at one of the tables with four chairs and someone would come sit across from me. It was like "No, I may be one person at this huge table, but I intend to take up the whole table!" Hopefully people will leave you alone next time!

Mary said...

If you don't want random boys to sit close to you, put a bag over your face. College boys will ALWAYS chose the desk closest to the hot woman. Fool.

Joel D. Timm said...

Yea! What mary said!