Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hump Day

Oh hump day *sigh* I suppose it is named that for a reason, but does it have to be so exhausting?

I started my morning off right and I ate a brownie. One really, really big brownie. Thinking that nothing could go wrong in my day, I sat down and opened up my econ folder to do some last minute cramming for my quiz on utility. When I got to the make your chart section, I opened up my graphing calculator and hit the power button. Nothing happened. I changed the batteries and again hit on. Nothing happened. @*%$&)*#@!@ turn on! *bang bang bang* and poof(!) a screen popped up!! Unfortunately it was a screen of dashed lines and random numbers. I hit the clear button a million times until eventually the screen just went blank and nothing happened at all. One hour to test time, and no calculator. Panic.

"J.R. do you have a calculator?"


"Yes, well... I have a quiz due today, a test today, a report due today, a three page analysis on education to write that's due tomorrow, 30 pages of reading WITH questions to answer due tomorrow, ANOTHER econ test on Friday, 13 hours of work at the store, and midterms next week. Now, do you have a calculator?"

"..... no."

"OK Then."

No big deal, stop at Lammers (a local grocery store right next to campus) and pick up a small calculator. After all, it didn't HAVE to be a graphing calculator. I pulled in thinking it would be a quick in and out. It definitely was quick, but only due to the fact that they were sold out of calculators. I drove to the other side of town and stopped at Walgreens. They too were out of calculators.

*deep breath*

Wal-Mart. I did find my calculator, but had to struggle through the store as it was senior citizen and stay at home mom shopping hour. Everywhere I walked there were people standing in the middle of the aisle, blocking the entire section. I weaved in and out with the speed and grace of a rookie race car driver. Sure I bumped into a couple things, but no major damage was done... right???

$10.44 later I had a lovely Texas Instruments calculator.

I made it to my test in the nick of time. Thankfully this test went smoother than the last (which I got a C on, and yes I'm still pouting about that).

After the test I made my way to HR management. I caught a lucky break in the fact that the Professor let us out 45 minutes early on account that half the class was missing, and the other half of the class was falling asleep. In my extra time for the day, I whined in my blog :)

I'm off to finish hump day by writing my analysis, studying for econ.. again, and reading this very stupid book. What an exciting day.


Anonymous said...

Heck, you probably spent as much in gas searching for a calculator as the TI cost. With such a hectic schedule, won't even ask if you've had time to catch any of any of Project Runway this season!
Cathy B

Josie said...

Oh goodness.. don't even get me started. I have no TV.

Let me back up. I HAD a tv with cable. We moved to the middle of nowhere. Then I had a TV with no cable. Two nights ago the TV mysteriously stopped working. I blame Larry (our ghost that breaks things). Now I can't even watch DVD's!!!! I've been keeping up with PR from but it's just not the same. Someone should tape it for me and mail it to me. That would make my day. Especially if there is a marathon of the season.

owr084 said...

Josie -

There are many ways to finds your TV programs on the internet ;)

Anonymous said...

What format are you looking for? If you don't have a TV, then VCR or a disc won't be viewable, will it? Can ya tell I'm technology challenged!? There was a marathon last weekend, I'll check to see if it's on this weekend as well. Of all the seasons, this was the one to miss, so don't feel too bad.
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

go to youtube and look up the user projectrunwayusa They have the entire season on there. That is when you have time between school, work, family, and life in general.