Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cross Words

I'm sitting in the coffee shop waiting to go to work. I'm sure the new girl will LOVE that I'm downing this iced pumpkin latte right before going to work. I'm sure I will be wired, which is good for me, bad for her.

I was trying to surf the web, but the couple sitting in front of me just has me mesmerized.

They are an older couple. Their high-waisted blue jeans are about four inches to short when they sit down, revealing their matching new balance walking shoes, and white socks. Their wind breakers don't match, but still make me smile. They are sitting in the coffee shop completing today's cross word puzzle together. She reads off the clue, and he quietly mutters possible answers.

I'm pretty sure if J.R. and I tried to do a cross word puzzle together, we would end up tearing the paper apart and not talk to each other for week. Besides, we all know that J.R.'s answers would be pointless because I am CLEARLY smarter than he is. This ability to work together on mental projects must come with age. Lets make that a goal for the future.


Anonymous said...

So being a mentor/trainer to this new girl is out of the question??
Sounds like she's quite a thorn in your side! Hope you're having some lovely fall days up there. Iced pumpkin latte,mmmmm!
Cathy B

Josie said...

oh, she's not a thorn in my side. The crying part from a couple entries ago came from a new girl I trained in at Macy's. She hadn't worked in years and apparently wasn't ready to be in the real world again. She broke down crying (hysterically) when she couldn't find a shoe in the stock room. She quit a few hours later. The whole experience traumatized me. I'm always affraid the newbie is going to cry on me now.. and I don't handle crying well.

I was more affraid last night that I was going to drive her nuts. I've been avoiding caffeine so now when I drink it... WOW. I am wide awake.

Anonymous said...

Ah, that explains it! Sorry you were traumatized by her breakdown. Sounds like she wasn't right for or ready for the job.

Ya-caffeine is a drug! I'm checking Starbucks or Caribou Coffee in Lk Geneva for an iced pumpkin latte tomorrow. Never had one of those before!

Cathy B

Josie said...

Caribou has a pumpkin harvest or something that you can get either blended or hot. It's pretty fantastic.