Monday, February 18, 2008

RIP Hoover

I returned home around one pm today. I walked into the bedroom and *Gasp* the third and final fishy was dead. I'm telling you... J.R. sabotaged the fish. Here is my evidence:

1. Every time I left the apartment the fish were happy and swimming around just fine.
2. The fish were in clean, room temperature water and were not experiencing any extreme temperature changes.
3. They were fed the proper amount.
4. They always turned up dead after J.R. had been alone in the apartment with them.
5. J.R. use to decapitate frogs as a small child by putting a "leash" on them and dragging it around. What chance does a goldfish have?! No one ever should have told me that story as I find it highly entertaining and like to use it against J.R. whenever possible. For example...

"Jo, you left the light on in the bedroom again."

"Yeah well.. you use to decapitate frogs."

Oh the maturity that flows through this house.


Anonymous said...

RIP little fishies... be glad the corpses were left- we've had a bigger fish eat the body of the little fish leaving us wondering if the little guy escaped somehow, LOL! Hopefully, pet store fish will have better luck! You can bring a sample of your water in and have them test it (just in case there's some freak chemical that you aren't aware of in your public water.) Good luck... and thank goodness, JR is done decapitating frogs!

Wenchy said...

I had a fish once... yes - it died. No more fish.