Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Three Hundred Dollar Nap

Today I took the best $300 nap in my life. I value this nap at $300 because currently as UW Stout students, that's about what we are paying per credit and nap time happens in my relaxation class.

This afternoon in relaxation we practiced hypnosis. All 40 some students piled into the wrestling room and laid on the mats (all of us trying to convince ourselves that the mats are indeed clean). The tape began to play and a man explained the idea behind hypnosis.

"Hypnosis is done while you are still awake.. blah blah blah.. relax... blah blah blah.... deeper and deeper.. blah blah blah... sleep."

OK. I'll sleep. One second I was listening to the man talk and then bam... the class was moving and Kelsey was laughing at me while she tried to decide who was snoring louder, me or Josh. Lovely.

I will say that I feel incredibly refreshed and have much more focus for the rest of my day that wont be finished until 10:something tonight. As for now it's time for psychology and a test over Chapter 18: Social Psych.


Anonymous said...

The nap sounds delightful. At least you didn't wake up drooling! Have a great weekend, stay warm.
Cathy B

Catlin Humes said...

I'd gladly take a class where I could nap! You lucky they didn't make you do anything crazy like cluck like a chicken! lol.

tootie said...

Nothing beats a good nap - no matter what price! :)

Anonymous said...

Any bets on who will win "Project Runway"? Jillian is great, but Christopher really has great talent.
Cathy B