Saturday, July 7, 2007

New Apartment

My whole body hurts. No... I take that back. My whole UPPER body hurts. My legs, which have been getting the workout at the gym for the last month, feel great. My back and my arms are a totally different story. Guess I better start working on those too.

Tina and I spent all day Friday carrying boxes up and down the stairs. We woke early today to continue moving. At least today we had a whole crew of people here to help move. We finished the apartment switch in under three hours. Now if you knew the amount of stuff that we have crammed into our small apartment you would be shocked that we finished in such a short amount of time. My group of helpers placed all the large furniture and got everything down here (a big thanks to my landlord for getting a group together). I've spent the remainder of the night taking items out of boxes and putting them in the right spot. I'm exhausted. I am however enjoying being barefoot and being in my own space all by myself. No husband, no roommates, just me.

It feels so amazing to be in Wisconsin. I'm away from the lights and sirens. I can look out my window at night and see stars. I don't feel the constant rush of the city and for the first time in a very long time I am relaxed.

I had to laugh at J.R. today. He kept telling me to make sure the windows and door were locked. Sometimes I feel as if he forgets that I lived alone for over a year while he was in Iraq. I do enjoy hearing his concern for my safety. It's kinda cute coming from a man who likes to pretend that he doesn't care.

Tomorrow I get to do whatever I want. I have so many options and I have no idea which one I want to pick. I know for sure that I am spending my morning in bed. In MY bed. My soft, wonderful bed. I plan on laying in it until at least ten a.m. Then comes decision time. I could head up to Hayward and spend the day on the lake, go to Eau Claire to visit friends, or I could just sit in my apartment and enjoy the solitude. It's a tough call. For now it's time to enjoy being barefoot and to finish the last bit of unpacking.


StPaulLogrolling said...


I've been following your blog since you started and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am by you and your strength. JR is an amazingly lucky man to have found a woman like you. I also want you to know that you are a fabulous writer. You convey great emotion in your writing and tell such a powerful story that it should be published. It's an honest story with the ups and downs of what it means to have served ones country- and there's not an ounce of self pity in it.

You and JR continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

Tracy said...

I'm glad you are moved and able to relax!! I'd have a hard time with wearing shoes all the time too, LOL.

I am sitting at my computer~barefoot~as I type this :o)