Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Note

Dear Concerned Readers-

I just got off the phone with the Fund. It was not a very pleasant conversation. I am so proud that so many of you feel strongly enough about the situation at hand to have placed calls of complaint.


Let it be known that although my situation was handled poorly by both the rental company's employee and by the Fund, they have helped a huge amount of people by renting cars. I am more than grateful that even if it was by mistake I had a car since January and the Fund picked up the tab. I could never afford a vehicle by myself. They are helping a large amount of people on post and I do not want one bad story to affect the hundreds of happy endings.

By all means be outraged at what has happened. But please, please, please throw your outrage my way and not at the Fund. I do not want to ruin the days of the other hundred soldiers on post who are able to have a vehicle.

Thank you so much for your concern and support.

-Josie Salzman

*RPL- E-mail me and I'll get you all the information you need. You truly are an angel :)


FbL said...

I'm so sorry things got out of hand. I know of only one person who contacted the fund, and I know he/she has the experience and professionalism to have done it right (and made it about the woman at the dealership, not the Yellow Ribbon Fund). I hope he/she did not cause any difficulties for you.

Danielle said...

Josie, you are an amazing woman and I am happy to hear there are so many people out there helping you! (and disappointed in the ones who are so rude)

I'm a young MNNG wife myself who has been following your blog since you started it. Just thought it was time I let you know that you inspire me everyday in the way that you handle everything life throws your direction!


nationalguardwife said...

I am so glad things are working out. Working of mouth with take care of many things. No matter that something was done wrong no one should have been treated as you were.

Anonymous said...

I have been also reading your blog and pray and think of you and JR often. You have made me laugh and cry and are such a strong woman. My husband was in JR's platoon and yes hopefully will be home next week, but I wanted to let you and JR know that you are not forgotten and we are still praying for the day all our soldiers are back home. Take care and stay strong.
Wife of a redbull

Kat said...

(((more hugs)))

Saying prayers from here in Ga that everything works out well for you, and QUICKLY.