Saturday, September 8, 2007

School is now in Session

The first "week" of class is finally over and what a week it has been.

I walked into my intro to sociology class first thing Wednesday morning. I was greeted by a very full classroom with only one or two seats left. I made my way to an open seat and as I sat down the questioning began.

"Who in this classroom is a freshman?"

It's no surprise that every hand in the room went up. We sat in the class for an hour discussing the syllabus and the homework that was due on Friday. As class ended the girl sitting next to me turned, looked at my hand, and then looked back at me.

"So... are you like married?"


"That's like... kinda screwed up."

Mental note - do NOT talk to this girl again. It's not surprising that I did not see the girl on Friday morning. In fact, half the students weren't in class on Friday morning. Out of the students that did manage to make it to the sunshine soc class only a small handful of us had actually done the reading. As I sat waiting for the class to begin I listened as the new freshman discussed the previous night.

"Did you see so and so???? I think they puked like four times."

Yup, I'm definitely back at college.

Fundamentals of speech had a similar feeling. It is, once again, all freshman. As the professor drilled us about our lives it was announced to the entire class that I was married. This lead to a game of twenty question come icebreaker time. It will be an interesting semester.

Intro to business administration is one big lecture. Basically you show up every day and you pass. Gotta love it.

Then there is aerobic dance. Now it is my personal feelings that this class is named completely wrong. It should be called "Pilates on Crack." It is of course full of girls that are 5'4" who weigh 90 pounds and can kick their leg behind their head. Must be nice. I made it through the hour of torture and I'm not anxious to go back on Monday for more. At least the class is only half a semester and by the time it's over I should be in fantastic shape.

I am definitely the old married lady in my classes, but I'm ok with that. I do find myself having to a take deep breath and remind myself that I too was once a giggly young girl fresh out of high school. It's only a matter of time before the freshman settle in and classes take more time and energy. It will definitely be an interesting semester.

This next week is very full so don't be surprised if my blog is quiet. Work starts tomorrow and Wednesday is a marathon day of activities. It's nice to have a routine, but it is taking some adjusting.

As one last side note, the post office just delivered a large package of mail. The post office at Walter Reed had decided to not forward my mail on a regular basis and waited until they had collected a rather large amount of letters and packages. Inside this ginormous envelope was a mix of wedding invitations (one of which is happening today and I had no idea about since I just got the mail), government paperwork that needed to be done weeks ago but was in limbo, and a spare key to the apartment that J.R. has been waiting for. I hate the post office.


Butterfly Wife said...

Good luck this semester with all them freshmen. "Pilates on Crack" that's hysterical. I'm sure you will be in great shape by the end of the course. Best wishes to you.

Lee Anne said...

Good luck! As a college professor myself (Freshman composition), we love the students who are focused and bring life experience to the table. You will be an asset to the classroom and your university. Best wishes!

FbL said...

LOL! I can so relate to you, though I was older--mid-twenties--when I returned to college. The young ones really got on my nerves with their high school games of who was popular/pretty/well-dressed, etc. I remember asking of I could borrow a pencil the first week of a new semester in a Freshman-level class. The perfectly-dressed, coiffed and made-up 18-year-old looked me up and down, lifted her nose, and said, "No." before shifting in her seat to turn away from me. I managed to fight the urge to say, "We're not in high school anymore, you twit! :D

But for you there's one more layer of difference--I'd be willing to bet that no other student at the class has spent the last eight months at Walter Reed, nursing her husband back from severe combat injury. You've already got more life experience than many of them will ever have, so the maturity and lessons that come with that are going to make you have a very different perspective on the joy and trials of daily life.

But those experiences are also going to make you a better student. So, try to give those little twits a break... ;)

Nausicaa said...

I've been following your blog for awhile now. Just wanted to chime in and say I understand how you're feeling about being the only married one in class. I was the same way. It's like all the students think you're from another planet or something. Wait until they asked what you did over the weekend and you say things like 'visited the inlaws.'

Have fun with it and just remember that you're going to have a much better college experience with all the already developed life skills you have, while your classmates are still developing theirs.

Kat said...

oooh I can SO relate...... at 34, I am among the oldest in my history class (i think there is one person older than me). The rest are all your age or younger.. and the vast majority of them just make me want to SCREAM with their high-schoolish antics. Usually, taking night classes like i do, it's mostly 'non traditional' students like myself who are older...but this time around, nope... mostly just-graduated or recently-graduated folks who haven't grown up yet... i'm quite certain that though you may be close in age to most of your classmates, you are about a million light-years more mature than them all! Hang in there, and keep your eye on your goals.

Marie said...

Yes! I too can relate -- I am 33 and in college's an adventure for sure. It's amazing how much things/life/perspective change!

lala said...

=) This post made me laugh. Freshman were the most annoying part of college (aside from freshaman classes, that is).

I don't see how the partiers don't flunk all of their classes... I studied all the time and barely had a 3.0... How do they make it to sophomore? Lol.

Balancing Act said...

Oh good luck with that. I remember all too well and yes it was awhile ago. I am sure that you are so much more focused than the typical freshman.

kate said...

Josie, at least you are getting your mail, at the Fisher House we have not been given any in three going on four weeks!
Hope all is well and we miss you, but we know you are on to bigger and better things, kate

mamaworecombatboots said...

If it gets too unbearable you might try on-line classes if they have them. I am 51 and haven't had to set foot in a classroom for my last 4 classes. It's great!

Just remember--kids are dumb. They can't help it, they all are and they grow out of it (most of them, eventually).

And you ain't no kid. Best Wishes!