Tuesday, September 25, 2007

These Boots are Made for Strutting

I recently purchased an adorable pair of Jessica Simpson flat brown shoes. I love how they look and they filled this desire I've had for a long time to actually wear brown clothes (I'm a total black fan). I even bought a brown sweater to go with the brown shoes (Yes, I pulled a Carrie Bradshaw). I was so excited this morning when I put the outfit on. I left the house feeling confident and cool. I parked the car, fed the meter, and started walking to class. I've never felt so ridiculous. I felt so short. Which is so stupid since I'm 5'8" and can run around in tennis shoes just fine. It was something about the eighth of an inch thick rubber that I was walking on that just wasn't clicking with me. J.R. often tells me that I don't walk, I strut. Well... there is no strutting in flats. None. I'm going back to heels. More specifically, I'm going back to my knee high red boots. At least this way I will make some podiatrist very rich someday.

Speaking of shoes, lets talk about work. I have recently made the decision to leave Macy's. This was not an easy decision as I love the people I work with. The people at the store have become my Wisconsin family and I've missed them all like crazy in the last nine months. Life currently is very busy with classes, homework, and dealing with J.R.'s injured. It's hard to add in the stress of the cut in pay that was recently made department wide at work. The price of gas plus the time it takes to drive to work everyday really affected this decision. I'll miss my job, but at the same time I feel as though everything has fallen into place at the right time.

J.R. has an appointment at the VA on Tuesday! We are FINALLY going to be able to get help with the TBI. The symptoms are much more noticeable now that we are home and they are very disruptive. It's frustrating to deal with them. It's hard to sit and watch him struggle with homework. I'm so sick of seeing him fight to relearn everything. Every God damn thing is hard now. It seems so unfair. I hate that he's crabby all the time. He's always angry, always stressed about something, and always so tired. It doesn't make life fun for either of us at the moment. It will be nice to finally get some help and deal with what's going on.

J.R. made my night tonight. I walked in the door to find the dishes clean and put away. J.R. doesn't do dishes very often. I was so excited to not have to worry about cleaning up when I got home. I left the kitchen a disaster (that's what happens when you realize you have to work twenty minutes earlier than you thought). It was soooo nice to be able to walk in and just relax.

Now for more good news! I talked with Mary tonight for the first time in a few weeks. Mary and Brian are still currently living at the Fisher House. I'm happy to report that they recently went home to Massachusetts for the ground breaking of their new house! The home is being completely donated by homes for our troops. Amazing. I'm so excited for them. It was really refreshing to talk to Mary. Since we came home it's hard to talk to other girls. Most of the girls I am in contact with throughout the day are young and care free. That's not my life anymore. It's nice to stop for a minute and be able to talk to someone who really gets it. Someone who has been there, done that. I miss Mary.

Tomorrow is an early morning. They all are now. Oh how I miss sleeping in. At least I should get my Sociology test back in the morning. I swear if he doesn't pass them back I'm walking out of class. I want my score!


joyce said...

there is a whole group of ladies that would love to encourage you at Spousebuzz.com. You are not alone. And what you have learned might help others. Just a thought. Take care, and let me say I enjoy reading of your adventures.

Mary said...

I miss you, too. I will try to call you tonight. See how far behind I am in reading??