Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Test Score

Today has been a good day. I got my sociology test score back today. 47/50 not bad. The test was curved so I ended up with 47/40. Gotta love it. I was surprised to hear the rest of the class preformed poorly on the test. It was almost completely straight out of the book. The professor than surprised me further when he said the next test would be made easier. I just don't understand the logic. This is college. I understand the desire to have the students preform well, but you don't get that result by making the test easier. You get that result by changing lectures, not allowing laptops in class (which he did today), and by getting students actively involved in class. We shall see how the next test goes. Hopefully this first test was eye opening to many of the freshman students.

This evening I was off to my speech class. I love my speech class. The professor is amazing and is very enjoyable to listen to for two hours in the evening. Our first speech is presented next Wednesday. Mine is pretty much put together and I was feeling confident. It wasn't until the professor turned to me after class and told me he was "looking forward to hearing my speech." Now I feel as though he is expecting a masterpiece. I don't want to disappoint. Very nerve racking.

Now that classes are done for the day it's time to buckle down and get some cleaning done. My parents will be in town this weekend and J.R.'s parents are joining us for dinner Saturday night. I guess that means I need to find my kitchen table. The office is still torn apart so I might finally get that together. We'll see how far I get.


Anonymous said...

Way to go on the soc. test!
Makes you wonder how many of these 'kids' are in college for an education or bide their time until joining the work force. Hope you have a relaxing weekend with family.
Cathy B

Nate said...

Hey Josie,

You'll get through it and if there's one thing that I've learned about J.R. when working with him is he's amazing at what he can. There is going to be plenty of tough times unfortunately and I'm sure there already has been. You can do this you just have to stick together and you can beat. You ever need some one to talk to you, you got my number so don't be afraid to give me a call anytime day or night .


Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

Welcome to the wonderful world of grade inflation. If you speak half as well as you write your speech will be a breeze, so don't tie yourself in knots about it. I wish I could offer you advice with cleaning, but I find that I fight a constant battle with my wife about ours. I view it as a dining room, and she thinks it's a quilting studio.

Good Luck.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

prophet said...

congrats on the fine exam results. Too bad, though, that the 'curve' and promised 'easier next test' not only discourage harder work from the ones who didn't do so well, but they also disenchant those who strive for excellence (by removing excellence). Bummer. I know you'll keep reaching for it, though! You'll just have to make your own 'tests', and grade yourself. Funny how those are the marks that really matter. . . .