Sunday, October 7, 2007

The End of Macy's

I have worked for Macy's since October of 2005. My coworkers became my Eau Claire family. When J.R. deployed they offered me a shoulder to lean on. When we were married they threw me a bridal shower. And when J.R. was hurt they cried with me. I couldn't have asked for a better place to work for the last two years. Unfortunately all good things must someday come to an end and yesterday I closed this chapter.

A few months back Macy's decided to cut the commission rates in the women's shoe department. In the shoe department we work on straight commission with no flat rate, so when rates are cut even just a little bit it really affects our pay. After working for a few weeks and bringing home very little money I decided to take the severance package that was offered. It is to hard to drive thirty miles one way to get to work and then put half of your pay check towards gas.

The good news is that I have found a job here in Menomonie and I'm anxious to start. The pay is decent and the discount is lovely. Tomorrow I start at Maurice's (it's a girls clothing store). It's a smaller store with a small staff. I'm looking forward to it.

Jumping back to Friday, I had my second sociology test. This one wasn't as pretty as the first one, but I'm still confident I passed with a B or higher. At least... I hope. Now this weekend I have to outline a chapter and write a paper for the class. I'm not excited about the paper. It's all about the media and how different news companies are slanted in their view. The assignment involves watching multiple hours of the news. I try very hard to avoid the news. It tends to piss me off.

Aside from work and school this weekend has been fantastic. It has been the first weekend in a long time that J.R. and I have had a chance to spend some quality time together. Friday night we had "date night." We sat on the couch and watched cops all night. There is nothing more entertaining than watching the toothless wonders of the country trying to out run our nations finest. We even managed to go out to dinner by ordering applebees car side to go. Gotta love the convenience of America.

Anyway, J.R. is still sleeping and I think it's time to wake the dead. He doesn't get to sleep all day today.


Butterfly Wife said...

Good luck with your new job. I bet you could write up a fantastic paper on the media. You should post it! :D

What's wrong with sleeping all day? ;-) That reminds me that I should take a nap.

Kris, in New England said...

Um - a paper on the slant of the mainstream media? I wonder what your professor expects to get from his students...should be interesting to hear about it. Please share.

Anonymous said...

Hi lady, I am so glad you are out of that shoe world! iI hope you and JR are well! i miss yoU!!!!