Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Restraint- the act of restraining, holding back, controlling, or checking

Lets use this in a sentence.

Today I practiced restraint when I did not punch the student in my sociology class.

There I was, dozing off during death by PowerPoint. My professor was going on and on about resocialization. We had just finished discussing how prisons are a perfect example of this when he asked what other groups go through resocialization. Of course the military was brought up. This lead to the question of "what does the military teach it's soldiers." A student in the back raised his hand and the words that followed made my blood boil.

"Our military teaches it's soldiers how to be cold blooded killers."


For a moment I debated on just keeping my mouth shut and blowing it off. I clenched my teeth and crossed my arms until I could take it no longer. My hand shot up in the air and my mouth started running. I was as easy on him as I could be.

I simply don't understand how someone can think this is what the army teaches. They obviously have never looked at the rules of engagement. The army goes through every possible action before firing a weapon. Add on that most of the time we can't even see our enemies in Iraq. Our casualties are caused by roadside bombs. There usually isn't anyone around to point a weapon at.

I made my point. I was a little disgusted when the professor said "both of you are right." I didn't pay much attention to the rest of his class. There was no point.

I returned home after class. It wasn't long after I walked in the door when the UPS man showed up. Now the UPS driver shows up pretty much everyday with a package for J.R. We are getting to know each other VERY well. As he walked towards me I realized he had not one but FOUR packages. I laughed and pointed out that none of them were ever for me. He just smiled and told me to just wait. He had ELEVEN packages today. I hollered at J.R. and asked him what he could possibly be purchasing. I also pointed out to J.R. that he never bought anything for me. Just after I said these words the UPS driver brought out a box with a new bissell steam cleaner.

"See Jo... I do buy you things."

Please note, I once again practiced restraint. I did not kick him, hit him, or even yell at him. I just rolled my eyes and said "gee thanks."

Thirty minutes later my phone rang.

"Hi Mrs. Salzman. I'm with the department of the army and I'm just wondering if your family is still at the Fisher House."

"No, we've been home for over two months now."

"Oh, well.. that's interesting. Our records still show that you're at Walter Reed. Lets get that updated."


I restrained myself once again and simply gave her the new address. It's a never ending battle.

I'm crabby today. I should be able to blow all of this off but I can't. I'm thinking a nap is in order. I stayed up late last night gluing bubbles to an egg for J.R's project. He has to use a mouse trap to catapult an egg and have it land without breaking. I would like to point out that I am a fabulous bubble gluer. And even though I may be tired at least I was able to help J.R.

For now I'm going to take a nap before my speech class. Today is the day I get my grade! Lets hope it's a good one.


Kat said...

OMG -- kudos to you for not pounding your clueless classmate into a little meaningless spot on the ground... GRR!

I was collecting christmas cards for troops at a local festival last year, and I had a guy wander up to my booth to inquire as to what i was doing... and he said pretty much the thing. Luckily, he slithered away before I could beat him to death with my flagpole (kidding, kidding, i wouldn't REALLY have done that! But it was a nice thought at the time, lol). Seriously, tho - I was stunned that anyone could think that way and just not "get it." Thankfully, My boot was SWAMPED with people (all of whom were EXTREMELY supportive!)and I was quickly distracted and busy again.

prophet said...

Hey - went shopping today at Macy's and thought of you. . . . and was nice to the salespeople.

Glad you said something in class today. I hope it was something close to what you wrote. I don't know if infant dipstick has any clue what the army teaches anyone: it appears the other infants in your class aren't learning much either, so you have something to judge by there now, don't you?

Anyway, it probably has nothing to do with anything, but somehow the image of supposed cold-blooded killers concocting egg-protecting bubbles (with the wife glueing them on) just really struck me as funny. Ironic. What do we - who have not gone through what you and JR have - know about anything?! You probably won't feel like it, but I can't help but hope you schedule an office hour with Prof. numbnuts and set him straight. Gently. As I'm sure you EXCELL at.

In the meantime - I hope you get pix of the flying bubble egg!

owr084 said...

Regarding the Army thinking you were still at Walter Reed - maybe they were looking at your blogger profile. Wait, here it is:

About Me

Josie Salzman
Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, D.C., United States ...


Anonymous said...


Regarding the Walter Reed thing, please remember that it's a bureaucracy. The right hand doesn't always know what the left hand is doing.

Regarding the UPS guy and JR's choice of gifts, I wish I could offer guidance. My wife and I now just tell each other what we want.

As for the brainwashed and spoiled child in your class, I wish I could offer advice. Why not just remind him that the people in the armed forces protect his right to runn off at the mouth? Either that or hit him in the head.

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Josie said...

Oooooo touche owr084. But on the other hand, my blog wasn't on the list of places to visit on the checkout list. It's also not mentioned on the dd214 that went to every department at Walter Reed. I'll go fix that. I hadn't even thought about it. :)