Thursday, October 4, 2007

It Never Ends

Tuesday was our first visit to the VA hospital in Minneapolis and what a depressing visit it was. We were the youngest people there. It was just one realization that this is going to be our life for the next fifty years. One can't help by wonder if the government is really going to take care of us for that long. Are we going to be covered for everything we need? One can only hope for the best.

Yesterday was insanely busy. I start off the morning with class and then left for Eau Claire for my yearly physical. I'm healthy. They ran some thyroid blood work and we'll look over the results next week. Later in the evening I presented my speech on The Sword of Damocles. All went well. It was definitely one of the stronger speeches that was presented and I'm anxious to receive my grade next Wednesday.

Before presenting my speech I noticed I had a little headache that I just couldn't shake. By the end of the night it was a full blown migraine. Not fun. I went to bed last night around 8 pm and slept until 7 this morning. I felt a lot better when I woke up. I think it's just one more sign that I've been burning the candle at both ends and have been under a lot of stress lately. Fun times.

Today has been much more relaxing. I got up this morning and went to class. Returned home to do a frantic clean of the apartment. Right around lunch time we had a specialist in voice software come and help J.R. with a new version of the dragon naturally speaking software. I can't believe how much better J.R. is doing with the software now. It's so much faster, and easier for him. Hopefully this works a bit better for him now.

J.R. took off a while ago to unload some more lumber. He called about twenty minutes ago frantically looking for his checkbook. I remember seeing it in his pocket when he left so I couldn't figure out how he had lost it. No more than five minutes after his call the cops were knocking on the door. All we can figure out is J.R. pulled the checkbook out of his pocket to get to his keys and left the checkbook on the top of the truck. It slid off a few blocks away. Thankfully somebody was kind enough to turn it in. However, the person that turned it in is said to be "a character" according to the cops, so the officers weren't so ready to hand it over to me. I had to show them TWO id's and go through about ten minutes of questions. That was fun.

Now here is where I'm going to insert my gripe for the day. Since J.R. has been injured we have had a lot of people who like to "preach" to us. So many people stop us and ask to pray for us. That's fine, I'm cool with that. But when you stop and tell me a whole sermon and ask me if I'm saved and tell me why I should be saved and ask if I'm going to heaven.... you get the picture... it makes me want to throw something at you. I'm all for religion. If you believe in God, great. If you don't, great. Just back off a bit when you talk to me please.

Now that that is out of my system I need to keep moving and study for my sociology test tomorrow. Hopefully it will be another easy A.


Anonymous said...

You have every reason to worry.
Just read that because the Minnesota National Guard deployment order was written for 729 days rather than 730 days, educational benefits will be denied due to being one day short of meeting the 730 day requirement.
Absolutely criminal. It is being investigated to find if the 729 day choice was intentional to cheat Guard members from college funding. Welcome home, here is a slap in the face.
Congratulations on the speech. If you speak as well as you write you'll do great!
Have a relaxing weekend.
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

I think about you and JR every day. I also think about the other men and women I've met, and who have been tasked with the burdens that the two of you now face. We recently hosted a soldier who had been wounded in Iraq. Me, my wife, and Adele (another angel) took the family around NYC for a couple of days. They seem to be holding up ok, but their lives are now different. I do send up a prayer for all of you, that your pain may be eased. We honestly can't thank you enough for what you have given up for the rest of us. As I've said before, the two of you are both strong, and can overcome anything. As for people giving you sermons, remember: Non Illegitimi Carborundum.

I'm also glad that the speech went well, and I'm sure that your sociology exam will go well, too. I'd bet good money that you'll do well academically. Based on what you've been through, you know far more than all of the other kids combined.

Lastly, I never heard from you about it, so I'm assuming everything went smoothly, but did you ever get reimbursed by Soldiers Angels for the rental car in DC?

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Lemon Stand said...

Josie - I also feel weird going to the VA as I am not that old (at least 'I' don't think so) and I am definitely a LOT younger than most of the other veterans. On top of that, I am a woman and am always getting strange (and often disapproving) looks and comments. (some things never change)

Just thought I would tell you that the VA works on the 'Squeaky Wheel Gets The Oil' theory. If you need anything, don't hesitate to make a lot of noise about it. Many times the DAV has stepped in to help us in getting services that I need even after the VA has said 'sorry, can't do that'.

And by the way, the newest Dragon Naturally Speaking? It ROCKS!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a Transition Patient Advocate in the Mid-West. My job was created by the VA secretary to be your first line of defense within the VA Hospital. You may feel like the youngest one within the hospital but in reality your a veteran. A veteran has no age. Please if you ever need something from the VAMC then seek out your case manager and TPA for that help. We are here to serve you. Thank you for the sacrifice that you gave for us.

Abe Lincoln said: "To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan."

matthew knogge said...

thank your hsusband for his service and I thank you for being there for him.I too am involved with the va mess as a 100%sc vet.Your story is sad, brave, poignant(is this a word?) and very touching to an old jarhead with a undiagnosed immune system disorder that leaves me virtually paralyzed. I know what you mean about the religion thing so I will end this by saying 1 time I will pray for you and your hubby just for my piece of mind. Whats left of it:)