Sunday, October 28, 2007


Exciting news! This Tuesday at 7 pm eastern time (6 pm for all of our central time zoners) ESPN will be broadcasting E60. We have been working with a crew of people over the last six months or so on filming an extensive interview for the program. It will be airing THIS TUESDAY on ESPN. So tune in. It covers everything from the Fisher House, to therapy at WRAMC, to his units homecoming, to logrolling for the first time, and of course shots of my very unorganized apartment (try to ignore the clutter, we had only been home for a few weeks).

Please help spread the word.. we have all worked really hard to put this together and I think it should give everyone a better idea of what life is like as you will be able to SEE our surroundings (it's always good to have a true mental image).

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Biermann said...

Just watched E60, was a very good interview. I came away heart broken for what has happened to J.R. and for what you have gone through, but I feel a deep sense of pride knowing there are people like you two. Thanks for the heads up!