Saturday, October 27, 2007

Fisher House Memories

I've spent my evening surfing the web and watching T.V. It wasn't until I came across this photo at Blackfive that my evening took on a little more meaning.

The moment I saw it, my memory instantly took me back to my cracker box. The picture above was taken at Fisher House III at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The table in the back is the same table that J.R. and I sat every breakfast, lunch, and dinner for months on end. The artwork on the wall is the same artwork I stared at as I ate in silence. It is the same table that J.R. and I had our chocolate cheesecake food fight at (which I still say HE started).

Tears have already started to flood my eyes. So many memories that are crisp and clear in my mind come flooding back when I look at these pictures. Throwing a laundry basket at each other in a heated argument, smoking cigars out back with the men, stalking the washer and dryer, cooking with Sandy, Mary, and Faith all in the kitchen. It is such a confusing, emotional time in our lives that I wish I could describe, but I don't know how. Maybe someday I will be able to tell to the full story, without holding back. But now is not the time, or place, for the true life account of life after injury. You will all just have to live with small snippets and hope that someday this wife will find the courage to tell the whole story.


Anonymous said...

Maybe someday you can tell the story.
You're moving forward in life and then something triggers the memories and emotions from those months. Must be tough to ride out those waves and revisit that time. The way you two move forward, deal with life as it unfolds, work toward an education, there won't be time for either of you to drown in the past. You'll know when or if the time is right for you to write about those days.
There may be days you don't feel like it, but you are a walking example of courage. Hang tough Josie.
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Have you thought about writing a book of your experiences. You are a good writer with a good story to tell. Use your blog postings and other writings to work out the basics. While your story is sadly not unique it has been worth telling and reading.


Wife of a Wounded Soldier said...

Do you talk to Sandy anymore? I worked with her briefly at the VA and she is so sweet. I was thinking about her and Jeremiah the other day. Thanks for sharing your story. There are similarities of our story and yours and it once again makes me feel normal.