Tuesday, October 2, 2007

You Drive Me Crazy!

There are days when I really hate our society. We have become so obsessed with stupid people that Britney Spears losing custody of her kids makes the TOP STORIES section of EVERY news site. I'm disgusted. She is a washed up singer. Get over it people. In a country that has so many serious issues at hand such as Iraq, obesity, an upcoming election, crime, poverty.. just to name a few... we should be talking about something other than Britney Spears.

*deep breath* moving on.

It's raining here. Again. Why this rain couldn't have come earlier in the season is beyond me. It's to much, to late. It always seems to work that way. I will say that it has been a nice gentle thunderstorm. The kind of storm that makes it impossible to crawl out bed. The sound of the rain, the cool breeze coming through the window, and the gentle roll of thunder made me stay in bed and sleep an extra hour.

Later today we will be off to Minneapolis for our first appointment with the VA. It should be interesting. I'm sure there will be news to report in later. For now it's time to shower and practice my speech over, and over, and over.


Anonymous said...

omg i completley agree they need to stop with the brittney thing and maybe more information on our soldiers and not only when something major happenes

Anonymous said...

I agree with this, there are so much more bigger and important issues that we must focus on instead of worrying about someone famous who made some wrong decision in her life. It's more important to focus on what's going on in our world and see how much more that will affect our lives.

Laurie Racela said...

Josie, I agree with you 100%. Most people are worried over less important things such as fashion, entertainment, and the media. Many people are do not even know what is going on in the world. Instead, they are caught up with celebrities such as Brittney Spears.
You are totally right,our society does not seem to care about what is really going on. I just hope that everyone will see this soon.

L. Racela

Vicenta Chan said...

I agree with you and I share the feeling you have toward this issue. Too Much of the Britney Spears. Instead of focusing on the important things that are happening and educating the people on the Iraq War. I just hope people can think more about this issue and do something about it.

Vicenta Chan

joyce said...

How did the speech go?? Can't wait for the rest of the story. Thanks, Joyce