Monday, November 19, 2007


As promised here is the picture of J.R. and Bambi. I finally gave up on getting the pictures from J.R. and went straight to his mother. It was a much quicker route. :)

Today has been boring. I hate being sick. I watched three hours of Cheerleading U on the WE channel. Now I didn't watch this because I enjoy cheerleading, but because the remote was sitting on the love seat and I felt crummy enough that standing up to get it just wasn't going to happen. So I sat there and tried to sleep. Unsuccessful.

After running a fellow student to Walgreens to pick up her prescription (she cried on the phone... I'm a sucker for crying), I returned home and decided it was time to crawl into bed. Relief at last. Three whole hours of sleep. J.R. even came into the room and checked on me a couple times and offered to get me a glass of ice water. I was pretty geeked about this. He's taken very good care of me. I even managed to get a short neck massage out of him!!

As the evening went on J.R. began to work on tech ed homework and the tv in the living room was distracting him. Taking his hint that I was driving him up the wall I drew a hot bath and moved into the tub. I also took with me my laptop and Nip/Tuck on DVD. Three episodes, two hours, and two smooth legs later (there is nothing like smooth legs when you don't feel good) I decided to emerge from the tub and make my way to the bedroom. I've been in the bed ever since. I'm hopeful that tonight some relief will come in the form of sleep. Good sleep. I have a feeling it's wishful thinking as my fever is starting to climb back up. Maybe tonight is a good night for some motrin and simply sleep.

Tomorrow J.R. has appointments at the VA. In my desperation to go but my guilty conscious about spreading a virus to senior veterans, I may make a fashion statement and wear the ever so sexy face mask. I hate being sick.


Tracy said...

I'm glad JR took good care of you today.

I see JR has the requisite facial hair for hunting LOL There are quite a few "widows" around here right now too. I'm not in the WI Northwoods, but I am in WI so there are a lot of hunters in this area too. Well, right now they are most likely in your area ;)

I hope you continue to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling better this morning. These darn viruses seem to spread like crazy right before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.
Good picture, nice looking young buck. And JR looks great too! Congratulations to him on a successful hunting trip.
Cathy B

Anonymous said...

Dear Josie:

First, I hope that you feel better soon. Second, the look on JR's face says it all. Good luck at the VA

biermann said...

Tell JR congrats on the buck, hope you get well soon!

Army Wife said...

I will not let DH see this, he has spent 80 hours waiting for deer this year. The rednecks keep running dogs through his lease...