Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope everyone has a supertasticfoodfilled (shut up Beth.. it's a word now) Thanksgiving day.

I'm leaving shortly to head up to Hayward, Wi to spend the day with J.R.'s family. J.R. will be joining me around "nine or ten." In J.R. language this is more likely midnight or later. :)

The guys will be hunting in the early hours of the morning. I plan on spending my morning either sleeping or watching the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade. We'll see if I haul my sick ass out of bed in time for that (yep.. still sick). After lounging about for most of the morning we will then head up to Grandma Mary's for some delicious food. Maybe at this family meal J.R. and I will behave and not throw food at each other. Maybe.

Later in the day I will be leaving and heading towards Michigan home. It's only about a gizzillion hour drive and I will be doing most of this at night so I can try to make my way through Chicago without holiday/shopping traffic. At least this time I can actually stay for a while at my parents which seems to make the drive more worthwhile. I'll be in Michigan through Monday and will head back north Tuesday afternoon. I think that's the longest chunk of time I've been able to spend at my parents house since moving to Menomonie in 2005. My siblings work all weekend but I will get to spend time with them so I'm excited. I wish J.R. was coming with but alas.. tis the season to shoot Bambi.

I'm pretty geeked about spending some time at home over the holidays. I haven't made it home in the same week of a holiday in a while. Being that I live so far away I rarely see old friends from school. My best friend Becca will also be home for one of the days I will be there. We rarely cross paths as she is busy in Ohio going to school and I'm living in the middle of nowhere. And even though we talk all the time nothing beats a hug from your best friend.

From bottom to top: Me, Becca, Paul, John, Katy (red hair), and Beth (brown hair)

This is an old picture of all of us but... let me give you the breakdown... Me, Paul and Beth are siblings. Becca, John, and Katy are all siblings. Together we are family.


Anonymous said...

Drive carefully, have a relaxing time, and hope you are feeling better soon! Have a great holiday,
Cathy B

the queen said...

Wishing you a wonderful thanksgiving!

Consul-At-Arms said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

biermann said...

Hope you had a great and safe Thanksgiving with your family!