Monday, November 12, 2007

Words to Live By

"When life gets you down look at a fish tank. That poor fish has no place to go but back and forth. At least you know that no matter how shitty of a day you're having, you can still move forward."

Words to live by from a close friend.


Anonymous said...

All of your readers, and fans, are being quiet because we're afraid of saying the wrong thing. Not because we don't care.

Anonymous said...

Thank you anonymous. Don't wish to sound trite, solution-oriented or type out a bunch of cliches. Your readers cannot fathom the depths of what you are dealing with. We can only hope and pray for strength when you have none, for calm and peace when facing decisions, a sense of hope to lift and renew your spirit, and that you find a path through the troubles and burdens you carry.
Take care of yourself,
Cathy B

liberal army wife said...

exactly. when you need or want us, we're here.


Kevin said...

Completely agree with the sentiments above. Tired platitudes are just that. Keep asking the questions you're asking. We'll keep praying for you and supporting you, the troops, and all the families out there struggling with the same (yet completely unique) issues any way we can (or you want).