Friday, November 30, 2007


Last night while folding laundry I experienced an epiphany. A sudden vision of what would make J.R. truly happy flashed before my eyes and left me with the knowledge of what to give him for Christmas. As I sat on the bed I began to play the never ending game of match his socks. White socks lay all around me. Some with gray heals. Some with gray toes. Some with gray heals and red HANES on the toe. Some go together.. and some who knows. And that's when it hit me... A vision of J.R. in sweat pants and sweat shirt sitting on the floor next to the Christmas tree. A package wrapped in red paper in hand and a smile across his face. As he tears the paper off he sees a brand new package of socks. His smile widens and he thanks me for buying him a present that he truly needs. As he runs to the bedroom to store his new treasures he screams "how I can't wait to throw these old fellers!" The old socks will go, the new socks will stay, and I will fold laundry without matching games. Thank you laundry fairy for helping make my shopping a little easier this Christmas season.

Moving on...

Whatever virus I picked up is still hanging on. It just can't seem to go away. I finally have my voice back but it's still on the scratchy side. It's not quite up to singing standards yet. Ask J.R. and he'll tell you it's torture to listen to me attempt to sing Christmas songs right now. I am constantly coughing up more and more crud from my chest. My nose has produced and unnatural amount of mucus. The only plus side to the constant blowing is that my holiday kleenex box is going to be used up just in time to buy another one for this season. :)

School is winding down and the next couple of weeks are tense. I have a speech to prepare and I'm actually VERY excited about this one. I know I have a lot of prep work to do so pacing myself on this one is going to be a pretty big deal. I'm hoping this weekend I can get the big chunk of data figured out for it. Then I can begin to make my graphs and slide show. After all of that is done I can finally WRITE the presentation. It should be good.

Anyway, today is busy and my shower is calling my name. I still have to get my pay check, drive to Eau Claire, pay rent, deposit my check, drive back to Menomonie, go to Wal-Mart, and be ready to work at 3:30. Not fun.

As for all of you ladies at the spousebuzz conference.... you suck.


Kris, in New England said...

I hate to break it to you Josie, but what you have is going to hang on for a few weeks. I know, I started with it on November 8th (while on vacation, hmph!) and it's still here.

I did wonder at one point when a person reaches critical mass in the production of crud & mucus. I haven't gotten there yet apparently.

Good luck and stop trying to sing. The worst thing you can do with laryngitis is to sing. And talking in a whisper is just as bad, believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the bad news is a majority of the cases we see at the clinic are hanging on for at least 6 weeks, particularly the cough. An old wive's remedy for a nighttime cough is an equal measure of honey and lemon juice (only mix about 1/8 of a cup of each together at one time unless you refrigerate it afterward), and slowly swallow spoonfuls of the mixture. Give the voice a rest too. It's a good thing the mucus is moving, it's when it hardens and gets packed in that trouble starts. Hang in there, all the best as you wind up the semester.
Cathy B

lea said...

HA! I had the very same thought while folding laundry the other day as well. Im not sure what my Marine does to his socks while hes away but they come back destroyed. So he's getting several packs of them. And the sad thing is that he'll be excited too!
I have really enjoyed reading your blog. From one military spouse to another, I am so impressed with how you handle yourself with everything you and your husband face.

FbL said...

As for all of you ladies at the spousebuzz conference.... you suck.

I second that! Almost every SpouseBUZZ writer there was someone I consider a good friend, so it was both wonderful and torturous to watch them on the video..

Anonymous said...

"how I can't wait to throw these old fellers!" all I can say is wishful thinking. A man who has a beard to blend in with the trees will enjoy the new socks and continue to use the old rags as well. Man law "No sock shall be retired until it falls apart when putting it on, even if the match is long gone".


Shana said...

I played the "matching sock" game with Ken's last week. No joke it took over an hour. This also included sorting his clothing drawers, figuring out what was clean and what was dirty, and re folding the things he just crammed in there. I left a pile of old things for him to consider throwing out, but then got the third degree for even thinking he would throw out any of his holey socks or shits. Boys will be boys.