Sunday, November 25, 2007


This Michigan trip would be a lot more enjoyable if I had a voice. It disappeared on the car ride home and apparently it's enjoying the vacation as it's made no attempt to return. The timing couldn't be worse but such is life.

Now even though I may not have a voice I haven't been sitting around on the couch. When you only get home once or twice a year you have to make the most of it. I spent the last two nights out with friends... attempting to talk over the music at the bar. It didn't work very well but made for some very interesting attempts at sign language. Being from a small town I think I ran into half of my graduating class at the bar. It's always interesting when the question of "so what have you been up to since graduation?" comes back to me. Hmm lets see... I got married, I live in the middle of nowhere, Wi, and my husband got blown up. It's always an interesting reaction but it's the best way to sum up my life in the last few years. I did feel semi fortunate for not having a voice.. it was a great excuse to not go into detail about what life after war is like. I appreciate that my friends are concerned but sometimes a girl just needs a beer and a dance.


Sabrina said...

Often, you can't talk because mucous is stopping your vocal chords from vibrating. Use a heavy dose of decongestant to break up the mucous and you'll get your voice back. (Not a doctor - just a teacher who needed to talk.)

Anonymous said...

Ahh, your virus served you well then!
More fun, less talk!
Take care,
Cathy B

Mary said...

mucinex for the win?
But, yay on the beer and dance bit. I think every girl needs that from time to time, although I would prefer a Crown 'n' Coke.