Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Things That Make Me Nervous

Today was senior citizens day at the DMV. Now I'm all for driving for as long as one is capable... don't try to make me out to be a mean person here... but a few of these people made me nervous.

For example:

There was an elderly woman who slowly made her way up to the counter when her number was called. After approaching the counter, the DMV employee began to explain to her that she failed her written drivers test... AGAIN. She was also told that she only managed to correctly identify a few of the road signs on the test and that if she wanted a license she would need to study harder. Then they smiled and told her they would see her tomorrow at the same time. This makes me nervous.

I made it through the lines (it only took an hour!) and I finally have my HORIZONTAL license. I even have a nice picture on my license! J.R. can't figure out why I care what I look like on a stupid picture (men!). After twenty minutes of trying to explain to him WHY it was important I finally gave up and resorted to teasing him that some of us aren't ancient and still get carded. He didn't have much to say after that. Sometimes you gotta hit below the belt to win the match. And no, I don't think J.R. is ancient but when you're seven years younger you gotta poke fun.


dutchgirl said...

When we lived in Arizona it truly was scary to be on the roads at times, I used to joke that the town was run by the AARP.

Oh, and happy birthday! ;)

Tracy said...

You'll always have fun with the age thing. Being 7 years younger gives you a lot of power *evil laugh*

I'm only 2 years younger than my hubby, not as much fun to be had there teasing about him being older, it's not too long 'till I'm there too!! LOL