Thursday, August 23, 2007


Today has been a day of celebration. Yesterday I found out I have been officially admitted to University of Wisconsin Stout. I managed to sneak in just in time for fall classes. I register at the end of the month and classes start September fifth. I'm excited to finally have the chance to go back to school. Nervous, but excited.

To celebrate, I drove into the cities for a day of shopping with my friend Cheri. She lives minutes away from the Mall of America and Ikea. Being only an hour away from MOA most people think that it's odd I can count the number of times I have set foot inside on one hand. To be honest it's to big, to crowded, and much to noisy to really shop inside. I could honestly care less about shopping at the mall. Ikea on the other hand... well.... here is what we know to be a proven fact:

Josie+debit card+Ikea=DANGER

I managed to escape with minimal damage today. I bought some new shelves, a replacement picture frame, martini glasses, and three containers to sort my recycles into. All in all, not a bad day.

On the way home I realized I ordered J.R.'s replacement wedding ring over a month ago and had yet to hear anything from Shane Co. Since I was driving past the store I stopped to check things out. Apparently they tried to call me once to tell me it was in, didn't reach me, didn't leave a message, and locked the ring back in the safe never to be seen again. It took three employees forty-five minutes to locate the ring. They apologized a lot. Not a huge deal as they found the jewelry and I was able to take it home to J.R. He slipped the ring on his middle finger tonight. I think it stayed on for about five hours before he decided it was to uncomfortable to wear. I completely understand and I could really care less if he wears it or not. For whatever reason just knowing that he has a wedding band makes me happy.


Balancing Act said...

Josie - good luck in school. It is never easy to go back. As far as IKEA... dangerous for me as well. Enjoy.

Kat said...

Good luck in school - you can do it! Just think of all you've overcome thus far in your life - if you could get through all you've been thru the past couple years, surley school is (comparatively) easily do-able! :) Actually, being in college myself, I can say school is hard - but worth it. I'm now only 23 credits away from my associate's degree.. have been at this for about five or six years, part time, a semester here, a semester there.... Just stick with it - you can do it! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! What is the focus of your major field of study?
KAT is so correct, one semester at a time.
Cathy B

Sgt. L's Wife said...

Congratulations - on both school and minimal credit card damage :)

Shana said...

Congrats Josie!!! And amen about IKEA being dangerous. Good thing most of the stuff is fairly cheap! Every time I move, I go CRAZY in that place!!!