Thursday, August 2, 2007

Must Run

It is hot and nasty outside to D.C. and smart me waited until three in the afternoon to get ready to go run. I am procrastinating on heading to the gym. I haven't had a hard workout since before we left to go home to WI. This is going to be torture but it has to be done. We head to Colorado for a "wilderness adventure" in about two weeks. I know if I don't start running again now I'm never going to survive a week of hiking, white water rafting, and rock climbing. I don't want to be the girl on the trip that can't keep up because I'm not in shape.

Earlier today we finally were able to make it into the SFAC (soldier family assistance center) to file for social security. It was one of the last things on our list of to do's and it feels good to have it crossed off. I still however have to get a new military I.D. (mine expired today), talk with tricare, apply for dental insurance, and track down a doctor who can sign off on paperwork for the extension of my orders. All of that could take a full week here at Walter Reed and I'm going to attempt to get it done in one day. How fun.

For now I really must stop procrastinating and get the run over with. At least I can look forward to a night on the town with one of the girls after I'm done running. Krystal and I are going to go see Hairspray and maybe grab dinner. We'll see what time we can both escape our husbands. With any luck it will be early this evening.


Tracy said...

Have a great night out on the town!

Anonymous said...

When will JR be going for his open water dives?

Soldiers Angels, NYC

Army Wife said...

we are going to demand a hair photo!!