Friday, August 31, 2007


I cannot believe how busy we have been. I thought that coming home would be so relaxing. How wrong was I. We are constantly on the run. We are still trying to unpack the apartment and now we are getting down to crunch time. By September fourth this apartment needs to be spick and span. We have a long way to go.

Today we both registered for classes at University of Wisconsin Stout. It was a rather frustrating five hours. Because I am a freshman and I am enrolling so late in the year, most of the classes I need are full. I managed to get into a few classes and I'm happy with my schedule. This semester I will be taking sociology, intro to business administration, speech, and dance aerobics. Yes, dance aerobics. I hope you all think of me running around like a complete idiot from 9:05-10:00 in the morning on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I hope that thought makes you smile. At least then I know somebody is getting enjoyment out of me prancing around like a three year old on a sugar high.

With classes starting on Wednesday, going back to work on the ninth, and trying to organize my apartment, my brain is on overload. I'm ready for things to settle down and to get into a routine. How amazing that will be.


farouche said...


as idiot as you may feel on your aerobic classes, you couldn't possibly feel more of an idiot than me trying to learn belly dancing...

interesting schedule, though. here in Italy university classes are much duller.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow you guys are busy! Dance aerobics will be a great stress reliever. Hope you get all things accomplished that you need to by the time classes start. Here's two cents from an old nurse- don't forget to take a few minutes this weekend to sit with the hubby and enjoy the last bit of summer. You know what's coming up soon (esp in northern WI, lots of that white stuff, cold temps, and gray skies.
All the best to you,
Cathy B

Butterfly Wife said...

Good luck with your classes. I hope you have a great, silly time in your dance aerobics class. Just go for it, and don't hold back. Who cares if someone else thinks you aren't doing it "right." Have FUN! :D