Saturday, August 4, 2007

"Armless man gets 5 years for driving"

I was reading the odd news on Yahoo today when I came across this very interesting article.

I'm rather disgusted by the fact that anyone felt they had to report on this issue. If you read the article you learn that this man has no arms and only one leg. He has in fact held a valid drivers license. This means that he has been to the DMV and has taken a road test. Since he received a license they obviously deemed him fit to drive a vehicle.

Continue reading and you learn that he has drug problems, anxiety issues, panic attacks, depression, and pain management problems. His offenses listed have nothing to do with him being an amputee. "A long list of traffic violations." How many can say that they have never received a speeding ticket? I'm sure most of us can think of someone we would never ride in a car with because they are an absolute moron behind the wheel. There are thousands of people who have their licenses taken away every year. Why write a story on the amputee? Because he is missing limbs he is different from the rest of us somehow? How kind of the news to parade this man around like he is some kind of a freak.

A year ago I would have looked as this article and moved on. My how life changes in the blink of an eye.


Butterfly Wife said...

Just one more reason to continue to question the motives of the mainstream media.

Mel said...

I have enjoyed reading your blog the past couple of months and sharing your experiences. You are very wise beyond your years!!!

Tracy said...

It's all about perspective. You are looking at the world through a new lens. You have new experiences that make you look at what you see differently.