Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm a Medical Disaster Today

So... J.R. and I finally got our new vehicle. YAY! I love it. However, it didn't come with a tow hitch and since we are driving back to WI with all of our stuff in a Uhaul we had to install one. So, the hitch showed up and we installed it tonight. I don't recommend EVER trying to do this with your husband.

Imagine this...

Hear we are laying on our backs on the hard pavement. J.R. asked me to pull the hitch over and help him hold it up. He points out all the holes we need to line it up with and away we go. I lift the hitch up and I am trying my hardest to line it up. I couldn't see around the exhaust pipe. So here I am holding a thirty pound hitch above my head while sitting in a permanent crunch looking for the holes to line it up with. In our efforts to line everything up my arms started to get tired. We went to pull the hitch out and BAM... my thumb got pinched in between the thirty pound hitch and the inside of the rear bumper. My thumb started to just drip blood everywhere. I crawled out from under the car and ran for the house. There is a whole trail of blood across the parking lot and a pool of it from where I was trying to get into the house. One of the girls grabbed the peroxide and my hand and cleaned me out. We got the bleeding to stop, but it's a deep cut. It doesn't help that it's just to the side of my knuckle. Every time I bend my thumb it just starts bleeding again. We've got it all bandaged and splinted so I can't bend it. It's going to be a long couple of days till it starts to really heal.

J.R. kept insisting I was being a baby. Then he walked into the house and saw all the blood. He let up for a while. That is until we started watching Survivorman on Discovery (I love this show) and the idiot sliced his finger down to the bone. He keeps glaring at me going "see.. SEE." Survivorman- you are not helping my case tonight.


Anonymous said...

Just knock him upside his head.

Tracy said...

OUCH!! You deserve a little sympathy!!