Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Next time you are having trouble getting the husband to work on the honeydo list... try this line:

"Honey, I need the drill. Do you remember where you left it?"

I guarantee an instant jump off the couch and a panic stricken voice as he asks what hole you think you're drilling in his walls. :)

We managed to get the curtain rod hung in the bedroom. Now I'm waiting for my shelves to be installed in the laundry room. Hopefully they'll be in by tonight. At least today he has been feeling better and this has made him much more productive.

My dinner is burning on the grill so I should probably go be attentive.


Tracy said...

:o) I like how you think! LOL

Biermann said...

Oh that is just down right mean! Lol, I love it, my wife does that to me some times..

Bob said...

"Sweetheart, where's the bleach?" works just as well on wives, you know.