Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bridge Collapse

The last couple days I have spent a lot of time glued to the tv watching the Minneapolis bridge collapse. It's crazy to think of how often I've driven over that bridge and how many of my friends drive it every day. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. I hope that in the coming weeks that our government will be able to push forward and begin the rebuilding process. I don't want to listen to the blame game. What happened has happened. At this point in time it's more important to clean up and rebuild than it is to point fingers and debate fault. There will be plenty of time for that after reconstruction has been started.

Aside from watching the news it's been a rather boring day. J.R. was suppose to be at a golf clinic this morning learning how to use his golf attachment. Somehow there was miscommunication and it never happened. I'm a little bummed. I was looking forward to going out and soaking up some sunshine. Lately anything that involves being off post for a long period of time makes for a good day. Hopefully we can get out later in the week to learn. Fingers crossed that I can sneak into a free golf lesson and they don't just focus on J.R. I've always wanted to learn how to play.

We still don't have any plans for tomorrow. I'd like to spend the day packing up the room. I'm getting more and more anxious to receive our orders and head home for good. As long as everything goes as planned we should be hearing about our orders by Wednesday at the latest. It can't come fast enough.


Butterfly Wife said...

That is a bummer about the golf thing. Golf is fun and it would be very special for the 2 of you to learn together.

Tracy said...

what a bummer about the golf thing. I hope it works out later this week.

The bridge collapse is heartbreaking. My father-in-law had been over the bridge at noon that day!! My prayers for the families of everyone injured and dead.

Anonymous said...

First, I'd like to add my condolences to the families of those who died in the bridge collapse. The only solace is that it could have been far worse.

Second: Golf and SCUBA diving; two of my favorite activities!

I do hope you get to learn to play; my advice would be to go out and take lessons, if that's what you want. The game is frustrating and enjoyable at the same time. It is hard for me to get out to play, living in NYC. I'm limited to the public courses, which can get crowded.

Soldiers Angels, NYC